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Attorneys at Law

5610 Ward Road, Ste. 300
Arvada, CO 80002

Phone: (303) 432-9999
Email: [email protected]

Since 1988, HindmanSanchez has handled the day-to-day general counsel work as well as litigation matters for 1,800 associations in Colorado. We practice community association law exclusively, and our 15 attorneys focus on resolving disputes outside of the courtroom, interpreting and updating governing documents, reviewing insurance policies, drafting contracts, collecting assessments, enforcing covenant violations, assisting with transition to owner control, and dealing with the questions that arise in the operation of an association’s business.  In addition to even-tempered mediators, we also have specialists for court battles when litigation is the only viable option. 

  • More than 1,800 associations throughout Colorado have chosen us to guide them through the formation, transition and operation of their associations.
  • We have prepared in excess of 500 sets of rules and architectural control guidelines.
  • We have assisted more than 400 associations in amending or restating their legal documents.

Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in the state of Colorado only.

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