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FJ Strategic Solutions

Easy to use DIY reserve study software with professional knowledge built-in.

Get a professional quality reserve study for a fraction of the cost!

FJ Strategic’s innovative HOA reserve study software simplifies the reserve study process, allowing even small HOA boards to accomplish these critical objectives:

  • Improve budgeting and forecasting accuracy
  • Make better capital allocation decisions
  • Prevent underfunding reserves
  • Prevent or reduce “surprise” assessments
  • Gain clarity into your HOA’s or condo association’s true financial condition
  • Focus on strategic matters, not struggle with minutiae, like trying to track down your components.
  • Improve fiduciary service standards
  • Provide more control. Run scenarios at your leisure, rather than the outside consultant’s

All at a fraction of the cost of hiring outside consultants. 

FJ Strategic combines all the sophisticated financial analysis tools formerly available only to the consultants, and makes them available to you, the board members of small-to-medium-sized HOAs – and saves your owner/members thousands of dollars in the process.

With our secure, cloud-based platform designed specifically for smaller HOAs, you can:

  • Create current, threshold or full-funding plans
  • Easily input components using our upload interface
  • Run up to five “what if” scenarios
  • Create detailed capital reserve budgets
  • Compare Current, Full Funding and Threshold Funding cash flow models
  • Calculate “percent funded” and projected “percent funded” levels under different scenarios
  • Generate reports and mandatory disclosures specific to your state’s regulations
  • Improve compliance
  • Change assessment amounts based on ratio of ownership interest or unit size
  • Compare year-by-year snapshots of key metrics
  • Generate 30-year expenditure projections
  • Analyze inflation’s potential impact on your strategy so you can plan accordingly

Saving thousands compared to what many HOAs are already spending on outside help.

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