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 How to set your web browser to allow web site logins Minimize

If you can't log on to, then maybe your web browser is not allowing 'cookies' to be used?  A cookie is a small file the browser saves on your PC to indicate that you are logged in to the web site.  Your web browser must be set to allow cookies to use our site (and many others on the Internet).

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6, you can allow cookies as follows:

From the browser menu:  Tools...Internet Options...Security...Custom Level

Scroll down and find an option with a name like 'Allow Cookies' or 'Userdata persistence' and make sure this option is set to Yes or Allowed.

If you are still having login problems, there is one more option to try in your Microsoft IE Web Browser:

From the Browser Menu choose:  Tools…Internet Options

Click the Privacy Tab

Click the Sites… button

Enter in the address line and click the Allow button.  Click OK.

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