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Below, you can see some topics actively being discussed here.  Our members are a dynamic group of HOA leaders and volunteers, willing to share their advice with others. 

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Recent Discussion Topics:

Using a homeowner in the HOA to be paid for services 

HOA Software 

Restriction Enforcement Letters 

Change CCRs to allow Flag Poles 

Board Elections 

Hiring a Financial Services Only Mgmt Company 

$600,000 underfunded 

How Can They Do This? 

Removed President 

Dog Problems 

Common Area Conversion by Homeowner 

Gated Community with Gates left open 

Impact Fees 

Directors - 2 in the same Household 

Dish Antenna 

Neighborhood involvement 


Legal Documents 

Transition from Developer/Builder to Homeowners 

Insurance for HOA in Florida 

State-Specific HOA Kits? 

Incorporating a HOA: Pro's & Con's 

Updating CC&R's require 

HOA Loans 

What are the policies on Green Belt issues 

Legal documents for HOA 

Reactive HOA 

Interfacing TV Cameras with Emergency Services 

HOA: Inground pool in common property 

Financial Help 

Legal Q and A 

Above ground pools/amending the bylaws & covenants 


Need sample formats of meeting minutes 

Board not allowing members to attend meetings? 

HOA Websites 

Social Committee 


Property Management Fees 

New home purchases w/in the subdivision... 

Help wanted: Brand new to HOA business ???? 

Starting A New Poa/Hoa In My Neighborhood 

Changing CC&R's and bylaws 

Biggest Challenges for Today's Associations? 

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