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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Subject: Violation Letter
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08/16/2006 2:12 PM  
Does anyone have a good violation letter to send out to residents who are in violation of a CC&R?


08/16/2006 4:29 PM  
what is the violation ? look up that first in the ccr's then state which atricle was broken state that in your letter it's not a hard thing i do like to first meet with the person and explain the rules , you can tell after the meeting just what to expect ... then if needed a letter or friendly phone call, after that it's off to the attorney we go . that gets there attention i hope this helps some way .........remember after all is done and said you too have to live around these folks so be firm yet reasonable it works 99% for me yet they know that the rules are in fact there to protect them also ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


08/16/2006 5:27 PM  
I do mine this way:
first paragraph: mention the exact issue, and copy the exact wording of the violation from the codes. stick to facts.

second paragraph, tell the owner exactly what they can do to get back in compliance (move the boat, pay their dues, mow their lawn, park their car, license their pet, etc.) and a deadline (by when). Also, inform them in this paragraph what the results will be if they do not comply (further action will be taken, fines will be levied, two guys named Ernie will be breaking kneecaps, etc.).

Offer them assistance of the board: "Please let the board know if you have any difficulties in complying" "contact the board to work out a repayment plan" and/or offer possible solutions "Other neighbors have also had boat storage issues, and they could provide you with the names of reputable boat storage yards in the area".

Thank them, and close.

If you want to add more, another paragraph around 1 or 2 could be to explain the importance of the code, why we follow it, etc. (please park your car HERE, because XXXXXX, etc.)



08/16/2006 5:39 PM  

I wish I had a good one for you, I would surely give it to you, but I don’t. I’m sure someone will see your post and be able to help you out. You may have to change some of the words, but the general layout should be very similar though.
Did you check the search box in the top right hand corner for any violation letters?
I hadn’t checked there either it was just a thought.
Are you on the board? I would think so but… I had to ask.

I see BrainB was able to help you before I could post.
I his post helps you out.

Chuck W.

Charles E. Wafer Jr.


08/17/2006 6:10 AM  
I have a few great ones. Please email me at [email protected] for a copy
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