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Friday, December 03, 2021

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Subject: Tile Installation
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11/06/2005 11:57 AM  
I am new to an HOA of a condo community and am on the Board of Directors. In our CC&R's it states that there shall be no Tile or Hardwood Floors installed. But in another section it States that an owner shall make any improvements or alterations to a unit as long as they do not interfere with or weaken the mechanical systems or structure of the property. I live on the first floor. Some other Board members are not willing to agree because of the fact that it does say that there will be no tile installed. But, in the Nevada Revised Statutes 116 it states the same as i mentioned "An owner can make any alterations or improvements...." Would the NRS override Community CC&R's and Bylaws. Their main concern is sound, and as a tilesetter, i informed them about soundproofing, I even said that i would install sound proofing even though i am on the first floor. Any suggestions???


11/08/2005 4:27 PM  
How far does the 'not tile' rule go? No bathroom tile? No shower tile? ;-)I absolutely understand that noise is a factor when you install certain types of flooring. I would think that state law would trump your association documents. I would also guess that somewhere in that law is an explanation of what rule prevails in a conflict between Association and state law.

Do some research on that and then present it to your Board. If you are in the right, they should avoid the fight and let you install your tile. Afterall, you are on the first floor and I assume won't be tap dancing!
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