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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Subject: Swimming Pool "Quiet Hours"
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07/23/2021 10:20 AM  
Our attorney has advised us that FHA rules forbid us from instituting Adults Only hours at our swimming pool. He advised instead to institute certain "Quiet Time" that is behavior based rather than age based. He suggested things such as no toys, no splashing, no yelling, etc.

I was wondering if anybody here has implemented that policy, and if so I'd like suggestions on effective wording for such a thing.



07/23/2021 11:01 AM  
Our pool has high rise towers on two sides of it. The developer made rules about it and they include that at no time may there be loud behavior in it, no dunking activities or horseplay. I'll try to get wording when I have some time. The pool's open form 5am - 10pm.

There was an a original rule that no items could be in the pool except floor ties for toddles, probably to also keep noise down We eased that one several years ago since some do exercises with noodles and other equipment. But we have very few children here, but do have visiting grandkids, et c. I would definitely have a rule against large floating objects as they take up too much room and encourage loud behavior.


07/23/2021 12:20 PM  
We had it before we got rid of our pool - in fact before we mailed out pool passes, owners had to sign and return a form acknowledging he/she received a copy and agreed that the owner and guests (or tenants) would comply. Failure to do so, may get you and your household banned for the season or what was left of it.

One of our rules required kids under 12 had to be accompanied by an adult and toddlers had to wear swim diapers. After several miscues with teen monitors who didn't enforce the rules and sometimes arrive late for work, we began hiring off duty cops as pool monitors. They had the authority to shut down the pool and send everyone home for rowdy behavior.

So you may try some of all of these approaches. Just be sure you let all the homeowners know the rules. as for the kids, the thought of not having access because a neighbor or guest didn't know or care how to act often served as self enforcement amount by each other.


07/23/2021 12:25 PM  
For examples of pool rules, google:

"rules and regulations" "association" "pool" filetype:pdf

and over 4 million hits come up, with many or most being actual pool rules from actual HOAs/COAs.


07/23/2021 1:44 PM  
We have fitness swim time from 6am-9am for doing laps, water aerobics, etc.

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