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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Subject: Managing Employee Payroll
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07/02/2021 7:27 AM  
Good morning,

We were recently approached by an association that has on-site employees. Since our experience has only been with 1099 vendors in the past, I'm seeking information on best practices for managing payroll.

Is it best to work with a company like ADP or Paychex, or do management companies typically keep this function "in-house" and calculate withholdings?

Thank you



07/02/2021 8:14 AM  
I have been outsourcing to Paychex mainly for HR issues.


07/02/2021 8:41 AM  
You don't say if you're the property manager or a board member, so you might want to do more research on what that community needs and go from there. It sounds like you're the property manager, so why not ask colleagues for references on software or companies who might do this for you. My sister runs a small bookkeeping business and managing payroll is one of her tasks for her clients. There are assorted software programs each one uses and she and my niece who works with her, have working knowledge on all of them.
(North Carolina)


07/02/2021 9:26 AM  
Check with the bank that has your checking account. Many offer reduced rates for payroll services that offer more perks, direct deposits, than having an in house person do it.

Board members are volunteers. Many have no idea what they're doing. Educate them. Don't beat them up.


07/02/2021 2:19 PM  
Thank you for all of the replies, we will look into all options mentioned.

We are coming at this from the management company side (I'm the owner.. small but growing!), and I wanted to have some idea of our options before meeting with the board next week.

Thank you, I really appreciate your replies.

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