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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Subject: Audio and Video Recording
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(New York)


07/01/2021 5:27 PM  
In the State of Florida it is illegal to record audio conversations without both parties being in agreement. Our community leadership uses the surveillance cameras in the rec halls to record conversations of private card games, and other small group gatherings. The audio and video recordings are played back to the Master Association Board during their meetings and used to know what is being said and who said it. When approached it was denied, and then after they found out that a director let it out to the residence they said it had happened and it was stopped. We have good reason to believe they are still doing the same. Any advice on where to turn to have this stopped and those involved be held accountable? Eaves Dropping has been going on for the past 2-3 years and several residence have been bullied for what they had said to others. Any advise on how to correctly handle this?


07/01/2021 6:41 PM  
The recordings are illegal and not subject to being played in a COURTROOM. Your in a HOA. Big difference. Until someone takes the HOA or have the person recording arrested. It's just annoying practice and childish.

Former HOA President


07/02/2021 6:32 AM  
Unless you can actually prove its still going on, such as getting hold of a recent recording, it would be best to sack the board, either by voting out all of them at the next election (or at least the ones who spearheaded this stunt) or by recall - check your documents to see how that's done). Usually you'll have to petition for a special homeowners meeting.

Either approach will require rallying together your neighbors who feel the same as you, so you'll need to walk through it, talk up some neighbors and then start meeting to discuss strategies and implement them. Good luck!
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