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Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Subject: Secretary not distributing all HOA correspondence/complaints
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03/25/2021 5:24 AM  
We are located in Florida. I’ve searched Statute 720 along with our bylaws for information pertaining to incoming complaints (mostly via email) that go directly to one Board member first (secretary).This person then decides the importance of the correspondence & forwards accordingly. There have been numerous occasions where some information does not make it to certain board members. I always figured that all BOD should automatically receive all correspondence. This way NO one board member can take matters into their own hands.
For example: Not distributing sensitive material involving other board members.
I have not located any info on this subject.
Surely this is why we have multiple board members to begin with? To prevent this from happening.

Any input on this subject is appreciated.


(South Carolina)


03/25/2021 5:54 AM  
The very first step is to discuss this with the entire board. Have you done this? If so, what did they say?


03/25/2021 6:26 AM  
It was brought up at the last meeting & the majority of board members acknowledged that this is how it’s always been. At the same time they conveniently brushed-away any further conversation regarding the subject. I’m the new guy asking questions based on what I see and hear from homeowners. They have been on the board 10-20 years some of them. For the most part they are all friends out side of board duties.


03/25/2021 6:50 AM  
As President of a HOA, we have a line item called Homeowner input. This is where all owner contacts are discussed and then put in the minutes minus the names. We have not had any legal issues so I can only assume that would be handled a lot differently.
(South Carolina)


03/25/2021 10:18 AM  

In our HOA any Email sent to any BOD Member is automatically distributed to all BOD Members. This is a feature of Google Email. The BOD then assigns a member or two to deal with the situation(s).


03/25/2021 11:07 AM  
I agree that all board members should see all emails sent to the board. You could simply make a motion to that effect.

An alternative would be to make a formal request every month to see all emails from the previous month. I think the secretary will find it easier to just forward all emails rather than having to retrieve them once a month. That's assuming that you as an owner or board member are entitled to the emails. In many states, any homeowner could make that request.
(South Carolina)


03/25/2021 11:56 AM  
We have a Gmail account for the HOA. It is forwarded to me. The other board members didn't want it to come to them so I get the email and then either answer it or send it to the person that can. All board members can go online and log directly into the email account and see what has been sent and what my replies have been. When I answer something that I think is important I make sure and CC all board members.

When someone sends an email to this account they get an automatic reply that states if they need an immediate response they need to call the PM.


03/26/2021 10:51 AM  
I agree! Email the secretary and cc all the board members and if it is sensitive, email the secretary and cc the president.


03/29/2021 7:48 AM  
Personally I feel that all Board Members should be privy to all information as soon as it is available. Can't be informed on a topic or help make a decision if you don;t have all the info.

However, there need to be Board-agreed-upon procedures in place as to what is done with that info, what sort of response is provided, and who provides it.

All that said, if the Board has agreed that one Member will be the adjudicator of any emails/correspondence received, then that is the Board-agreed procedure. Perhaps it can be brought up again for discussion, but is likely a difficult task if you are the odd person out and the rest of the Board is content with the way things operate.


03/29/2021 4:46 PM  
What volume of emails are we talking about? What kind of things are you not getting that you want to see?

I get hundreds of emails a week. 90% of them are so common that I have a word document that I cut and paste from. What are your office hours? How do I get a pool card. How do I report a street light that's out. How do I get bulk pickup. (Yes, I have a website with a detailed FAQ - people don't read it).

Does every board member really want to see these? Does there need to be a discussion about how the board is going to respond to "what internet companies service this area"?

If you're being sued and the secretary didn't tell anyone - that's a problem.

But maybe the secretary is just trying to spare volunteers from having their inboxes flooded with routine, mundane matters.

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