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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Subject: POA buying and installing road signs - prices
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02/20/2021 10:39 AM  
POA proposing the purchasing, installation and paying County for removal of county signs. There are eight signs in total. The proposal is $15K, or over $2000 per sign. I have no idea what street signs cost, but this seems excessive. I am researching the cost of custom street signs, but can find no reliable pricing.

Anyone here know if $2000 per sign is within a normal range, or is this as crazy priced as my instincts suggests?


02/20/2021 10:40 AM  
For clarification the costs include: eight new signs/poles/etc., installation of eight signs, and removal of eight County signs - roads are public roads.


02/20/2021 10:41 AM  
Also, I meant almost $2000 per sign. Sorry cannot edit original post.


02/20/2021 11:46 AM  

I'm sure that most of that cost is the labor involved in the removal and mounting of new posts.
Your paying the government, not an outside contractor who has to bid for the work.

My association owns the streets and the signs on them. When I was on the board, I investigated and had to purchase a few replacement signs.

Large signs (speed limit, stop, children playing, etc.) were around $50
Street signs: $40 to $60 depending on size
Mounting Brackets: $20
Poles: $50 to $60 depending on length

I did the work, so I don't know what the labor costs would be.
I suspect you are paying around $150 for street sign, brackets and pole.
The rest is labor to remove old sign/pole, disposal and installation. Figure two trips per sign, 2 or 3 man crew. Perhaps a bucket truck. Costs money.
(North Carolina)


02/20/2021 4:08 PM  
My instinct is that a $2,000 per sign is very very expensive. Prohibitively so.


02/20/2021 5:46 PM  
Maybe. But you don't know the size of the sign, type of material, will it have lights so it can be seen at night, etc. You get what you pay for and competition can also be a factor. Do the work and comparison shop to ensure you get the most for your money


02/20/2021 6:43 PM  
Are public roads not required to have public signs? I know when our roads turned public we had to get them made by the city. So our hand made signs had to be removed and replaced with the green reflective ones.

Will say our hand made signs were nice. I kept mine. Someone used wood and lettering to make them. The road names were not short either. They had the matching trim color of off white for the lettering and blue on the outside. Do not know who made them but it was someone who had a wood shop hobby.

So you may ask a technical school with a wood shop to make them for a school project. That may save costs and teach the kids something.

Former HOA President
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