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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Subject: Board Email Policy
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01/25/2021 2:27 PM  
Has your HOA created an email policy? How may Bd members (we have 5) communicate? 1 Bd member to 1 Bd member & Property Mgr? Are allowable issues identified? Are emails in a separate file online and offline?
(South Carolina)


01/25/2021 2:36 PM  
We have an Email address such as Any mail sent to it is automatically distributed to each BOD Member. The BOD decides the response and directs one of the BOD Member to follow up on it. In 99.9999% of the cases the follow up is handled by the President or myself, the VP and Treasurer.


01/25/2021 6:16 PM  
It's not a formal policy, as far as I know, but there's one email address that goes to all of them and another for the property. If the board gets a message on an issue the property should handle, it goes to her for follow up and vice versa.

Since the law on corporate records, admissibility of emails and all that continues to evolve, it's a good idea to talk to the association attorney and master insurance policy about developing a policy and revisiting it every few years to make sure it keeps up.

One person's rules of thumb:

NO decisions or meetings of the board are held by e-mail! If it's an issue that should be voted upon in an open board neeting, that's where it's done. You can develop a policy that addresses emergency communications.

No freezing out other board members. All board members should be advised of email communications.

If board members have separate emails, that address should be dedicated to association issues. If there's ever legal action where emails could be evidence, you don't want defense to life over those emails mixed in with those emails about your kids, job or that secret account on Tinder.

Watch your language (trust me on this because I know I'm very plain speaking on this board!). Language comes across differently when it's written and can sound quite harsh, even before you are in the fuss words and name calling! This goes for homeowners as well.

Certain emails may be required to be given to homeowners upon request because they're considered official association records, be careful what you delete. And talk to a document retention expert about the best way to preserve those records.



01/26/2021 6:49 AM  
We use e-mail like we normally would. No special rules.

1) Any board member can e-mail the property manager, with or without copying the other board members, with questions.

2) Any board member can e-mail the other board members

3) We conduct a lot of board business by e-mail. Easier than having meetings.

4) No special e-mail accounts for us. We just use our normal accounts.
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