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Sunday, January 17, 2021

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Subject: Incentives for Tenants
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11/13/2020 12:35 PM  
Looking for creativity!!!! In a small AZ community of 66 doors, we have 45% tenant occupation of the smaller units on the North side of our community. As a result there is a visible difference in the general appearance of the area with it sometimes looking like the getto. Owners are concerned for their property value but of course, lost out on the vote to convert to an Owner Only Community. We do not have a community building were any of us can gather (pre Covid) to get to know one another. I have found that regular Newsletters delivered to tenants as well as owners, made a little difference but I am wondering if anyone esle may have experienced this and stumbled on a clever way of improving the outcome. How are you encouraging vested interest in occupation by tenants?


11/13/2020 1:01 PM  
Hold the owners responsible via fines and/or legal action.


11/13/2020 2:02 PM  
It isn't the Tenant's incentive but the owners whom own the property. Hold their feet to the ground. Tenants are NOT members owners are. So time to enforce restrictions onto the owners. Plus I would also make it that anyone that has a lease includes the tenants must follow the HOA's restrictions. Adding this will protect all parties involved. It allows the owners to be able to evict their tenant based on violations. Those violations the HOA are holding the owner's to.

Former HOA President
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