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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Subject: Trees
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06/11/2020 7:30 PM  
In full disclosure, I am a property owner and plan to volunteer on the board in the future

I was wondering about a neighbor's tree, their weeds, and the tree saplings. These are all causing damage to our shared fence. The tree causes the fence to encroach onto our property. Should I feel guilty for complaining to the HOA? Am I being a nuisance? I may have reacted too quickly. I panicked. I should have talked to the owner.

I personally don't mind they have weeds, but am concerned because it could be damaging to our property.



06/12/2020 6:21 AM  
I think a lot of associations would consider this to be a neighbor to neighbor issue and not an association issue. Unless some specific covenant or rule is being broken, the association shouldn't play a role in this.

Has the association responded to your complaint? Have they contacted your neighbor?

Escaped former treasurer and director of a self managed association.


06/12/2020 6:25 AM  
Thanks for the reply. It's too early to tell if they responded to the complaint or talked to the neighbor.


06/12/2020 7:15 AM  
Who owns and/or is responsible for fence maintenance & repair?

Personally, I would have had a chat with my next-door-neighbor first to try and work something out. If they were nice and agreeable, then the problem may have been solved and you would have a good relationship with your neighbor. If they were jerks about it, you could then go to the HOA Board.

Now it just kind of seems like you wimped out and went complaining to the HOA Board.


06/12/2020 7:40 AM  
I think we both own the fence and it doesn't need replacement, probably just reposting and maybe the replacement of a single board.

The biggest issue is the sapling that is pushing the fence onto my property line instead of along our property line. I had trimmed along the edges that were near my roof and gutters

I agree that I wimped out and need to learn how to get along with people better. I wish to handle better next time.
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