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Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Subject: Speeders
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05/18/2020 4:02 PM  
Our HOA has a couple of intersections where speeders are exceeding the speed limit. We have received numerous complaints from home owners. What are boards doing about this situation.


05/18/2020 7:52 PM  
You posted twice (computer glitch, I'm sure), so I'll respond here.

The first thing you need to ask who owns the streets, so read your documents. If they're city streets, you'll have to talk to local police about enforcement. They can't sit at the intersections all day, so your homeowners may need to pay more attention to the patterns. Does this happen at certain times of the day and or certain days? Are these cars always heading to certain homes - maybe those homeowners should be made aware of their visitors driving habits.

as for speed enforcement when the streets are owned by the HOA, there are discussions all over this website about speeding, so you may want to look at a few to see if something could be adapted to your community. Just remember many of these are old conversations, so there's no point in replying to a conversation from 6 months ago - times change, so starters conversation, if nece.

I believe the most recent conversation addressed the pros and cons of speed bump installation. Some communities the security, and another conversation even discussed radar guns and security camera that could catch the action. That may also bring another set of issues that must be addressed, so it becomes a question as to whether you're willing to take a deep dive into the matter.

It's not an easy fix, so explore all avenues and be patient because it will take a minute to catch frequent fliers, as it were.


05/19/2020 3:37 AM  
Unless an Association wants to spend a lot of time, energy and money, most are likely doing nothing.

If the roads are public, the Association can request police set up radar checks for awhile.

If the roads are private, the Association can look into traffic calming devices (do an internet search for traffic calming). The Association might also be able to get ideas from the local police station, give them a call.

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