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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Subject: Is my fence common
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10/26/2019 1:34 PM  
Bought a 1st floor condo in a 3 unit bldg and i have exclusive use of the yard. The fence is rotted and falling down. Is it the associations responsibility or mine. Hopefully its not mine. Talking over $2,000


10/26/2019 3:25 PM  
Read your documents - they should say what's the association 's responsibility and what's yours. You may also dig out your sales documents and see if they say anything about the fence. If it's your responsibility, start looking for a contractor and saving your money.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's your responsibility - I live in a townhouse and we're responsible for fences. While your at it, take note of any other exterior items that you may be responsible for (like Windows and doors) and set up your maintainince budget accordingly.


10/26/2019 3:26 PM  
When you ask the HOA to pay for something your asking EVERY member to contribute using their dues or special assessment. A consideration when you approach the HOA such request for repair/replacement.

For us we do NOT provide fencing, we APPROVE it. You are responsible for the entire fence after approval. We also can request you repair the fence if found to be in dis-repair. We don't pay for you to fix it.

So go and look at your documents to see what is said about fences. Plus go to your board to ask your question. Don't be surprise the answer is no.

Former HOA President


10/27/2019 6:17 AM  
Posted By AngeloP1 on 10/26/2019 1:34 PM

Is it the associations responsibility or mine.

As others have said, this is something that should easily be answered by reading your governing documents.
If the documents are not clear, ask your board.
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