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Thursday, April 02, 2020

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Subject: HOA Member Swim Pool
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09/10/2019 7:07 PM  
Is there a "rule" about the timing and closing of HOA Member Swim Pools?Do they have to be closed after the Labor Day Weekend or can they remain open if weather permits? Sounds like a silly question to me, but some of our residents are upset about ours staying open after the holiday since it has been so hot here--high 90's with heat index around 101. It seems to me that a HOA Pool is no different than a resident's back yard pool or the City's indoor pool which stays open all year long. Please advise.


09/10/2019 7:18 PM  
For the me the main reason to close it is the lack of attendance after Labor Day. it drops off dramatically in the 2 Pools I have had in my associations. It also cost money to keep them open when few go. You will always have the few that like to swim year round or just do laps in the morning. You can not make everyone Happy. As a board member I think it comes down to money management and usage. If 100% pay and 2% use it what would you do?

Every HOA has to deal with the 4 Ps. Pools, Pets, Parking and People.


09/10/2019 7:19 PM  
Check with your local ordinances and your health department for exact guidance. You're in Missouri so weather, seasonal will play a part. Our pool is open from 6am to 10:30 pm mon-thu and 6am to 11:30 fri & Sat.
and the season runs from Mar 1 to Oct 31. We used to be open every day but the previous board closed the pool for the winter 4 mos to save only $1000.00


09/10/2019 10:59 PM  
I don't think you need to close a pool just because it's Labor day. The reason mostly is for Public pools because they lose money after that. Kids are back in school so less profit margin to be made. However, some of those places just reduce days after Labor day but don't fully close till October when weather turns cooler.

We here keep the pools open till October time frame. It really depends on the weather. Right now it's nearly 100 degrees this week and no rain predicted. Why would we want to close a pool? It's a private pool that's not a money generator.

Former HOA President
(New Jersey)


09/11/2019 4:23 AM  
There are no laws in my state that say when a pool can be open or closed. However, there are laws that say what must be done when a pool is open like weekly independent water testing, daily water testing every 2 hours, weekly testing and so on. For us it would be hard to change our closing date on short notice based on weather forecasts but it would be easy to extend the season if we plan for it and budget for it.


09/11/2019 7:34 AM  
I too doubt there's any state or local law about when pool should close if at zllteh board needs to put the topic on an agenda and discuss & vote on it. Perhaps one director cons be assigned to find out what's typical in your area.
(South Carolina)


09/11/2019 12:11 PM  
The BOD controls when the pool opens and closes.


09/11/2019 3:30 PM  
Thanks so much Mar for your reply. It makes a lot of sense to me dollar wise, but our situ was contractual with the pool manager and we had no life guards anyway due to a shortage here this year. Without the life guards, it was evident that there were fewer swimmers all summer long, but it has been so hot here, some of the residents wanted to extend the season a bit. For those who were complaining, I just wanted to be sure that there was no mandated regulations I wasn't aware of. Appreciated your timely response. Sandra


09/11/2019 3:32 PM  
Agree with JohnC46. The board can do as it pleases. "Motion to keep the swimming pool open until October 1st this year." Seconded, board vote of approval, and done. Doesn't mean you can't do something different next year.I suppose budget limitations might come into play depending on the monthly cost of maintaining the pool.


09/11/2019 3:41 PM  
Sam, the testing every 2 hours might be a "catch 22"--we employ a professional pool service that does put a "manager" on site, but I am not sure about the testing schedule. I believe it took place in the a.m., but every two hours I can't be sure without the multiple life guards. We were told that we had enough chemicals available to extend the season. Thank you so much for your detailed reply--good to know for the future. Sandra


09/11/2019 3:46 PM  
I want to thank all of you for replying so quickly. All of you made excellent points that I can carry forward to the BOD and local residents of the HOA. Gratefully, Sandra
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