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Friday, July 10, 2020

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Subject: Property management and Board members
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(New York)


06/11/2007 3:46 PM  
Should board members and our Property manager do a walk through inspection together, of our properties to determine who should be fined or not. For example, board members and our property manager conducted a walk through back in May and now many members of our community were hit with fines because our decks were not stained.


06/11/2007 4:07 PM  
I recall reading a "tidbit" about a retirement community that had the same President for almost ten years. He was a retiree who met for coffee with the site manager (property manager) and they did a walk-thru of the community weekly. It was a great opprotunity for the PM to learn the community and its residents, and a wonderful "teambuilding" event for the President to get to know the PM.

If this was the "inagural" walk-thru with the board and PM, I would have suggested that you "warn" the community about the requirements of staining the decks (as this is the start of the season for Spring cleaning events), prior to fines. However if this was NOT the first walk-thru, and you have made it known (newsletters, meetings, other forms of reminders, etc), that whatever community standards should be followed with regards to exterior structures, or resident's property - then the fines were fair.

Just remember when you were a kid and walked the neighborhood with your parents. When everyone knew you were "such and such's" kid - word often got home about anything you did, BEFORE you did. While it was not a pleasant thing back then, it is a great communication tool for HOA's to keep residents and managment in the loop.

.... thinking they have dog walking companies, wondering if my HOA would allow a grounds walking company to come in, because we all have full schedules.... (smile)


06/12/2007 9:18 AM  
Mair - they were fined without given an opportunity to stain? That's pretty rotten. If so, they've just driven a few more nails into the I Hate HOAs Coffin. Harold


06/12/2007 10:50 AM  
Notice of violation and the opportunity to have a Hearing should always be provided to a homeowner prior to any fine. I agree with Harold, this gives HOA's a bad name. The MC should have known better even if the Board members didn't.


06/12/2007 12:48 PM  
So much for Due Process and Hearings.
(North Carolina)


06/12/2007 1:20 PM  
I don't know how much their fines would hold up in a court of law, since the PM and President denied these homeowners their right to mediation/hearing before the imposition of fines. The Owners should have been allowed to comply within a predetermined date (30-days) let's say.
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