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Sunday, April 05, 2020

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Subject: Yard Lights
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09/26/2009 1:37 PM  
In our association,a person can not have a yard light that spreads across the propery,If you have a light it has to be capped so the light shines down.We live on winter range for big game animals.On eof the people out here has been told at least 3time to cap his light.Today he install another one.What can we do??


09/26/2009 3:33 PM  
You do like you do for any other violation if it is a violation. You send them a letter giving them X# of days to comply before you begin other enforcement action allowed under your CC&R's whether it is fines or taking them to court to force compliance. If they are violating a law, contact the proper authorities i.e. Fish & Wildlife Department and let them deal with the miscreant.

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09/28/2009 3:31 PM  
i for one am curious how you measure a yard light "spread".

I am very light concious in my new place, and purposely installed very low wattage bulbs in my walkway path lights, for example. However, even though i sit in the middle of two acres, i can still see the dim glow of those lights from my neighbor's property. It's much less annoying than other lights (a 40 watt bulb in another neighbor's porch, for example, is much much brighter), but it can be seen. So, does that mean my 1 watt bulb "spreads" to another property? What light doesn't spread? (for example, on a really good night, I can see through a neighbor's garage window and see the light from his battery charger for his drill on the bench. That neighbor lives an entire block away from me, at least).


09/29/2009 2:34 PM  
By 'spread' I mean lights that throw a beam across the propery.A street light throws a beam of light.Some people might not notice how far the light shines because there are lots of lights in towns,city,etc.We have no street lights.Except for the one I was asking what to do about.Any lights out here, have to have a cap put on them so the beam shines straight down.


09/29/2009 4:07 PM  
"Light spread" is a vey common occurance in Florida. In fact, there are strict LAWS concerning this around our beaches. When the sea turtle eggs hatch ALL buildings around the beaches are REQUIRED to "dim" or "shield" their lighting so the hatchlings don't get confused and run toward the buildings rather than to the ocean.

We recently had a "slaughter" of 50 or 60 baby turtles who hatched during the night and a guy who staged a "proposal" for his girfriend on the beach and erected lights; which "confused" the babies and they were all killed, going for his lights. On the sad.


09/29/2009 5:26 PM  

STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. How did he get a permit? Probably didn't, right? If he got one, shoot the ditz in the permitting office. It's the law for God's sake. Those who live in hatching areas work their butts off trying to inform the public and tourists about this endangered wildlife and how to behave around them.
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