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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Subject: Board members teaming up on other board members
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09/08/2006 9:38 PM  
I would like to ask if one of the board members does not forward anything to a board member they dislike, what can correct this?

In review: I am not getting any info even thou i request it daily and weekly. I do this in writing. Can I force the info to be given to me or must I sue?. If I do can I be reinbursed for legal fees?

Help !!

By the way the person who withholds info does respond......with only personal insults and childish actions.


Signed....."feels like high school head games"


09/09/2006 6:45 AM  

I would categorize your issue as code of conduct of board members, or CCBM for short. Not sure if your by-laws have anything that governs CCBM.

First, how do you find out that you are not getting the info forwarded to you? Is it that the info has stopped flowing, are you going to board meetings and seeing that everyone else has information, is another board member on your team and telling you?

Is the board member that is doing the forwarding the secretary of the board?

What state are you in, please always provide the state, or put it in your profile, posters may know something about your state law.

How many board members are there?

Information that is relevant to board business should be provided to all board members at the same time. That is of course if you have a fair management company (MC), Board President, or Secretary.

What can correct bad CCBM of a board member is for you to address it at the next board meeting. If it goes nowhere, and the behavior doesn't change, address it as new board business at the next open board meeting. That is as far as I'd go to force the issue, if the behavior persisted or if you really think it won't stop, I'd quit, because it's a loosers game.

Your butt is on the line by being a volunteer in an hoa/coa. Board members are fiduciaires, and oversee, and facilitate the business of an association. Frivolout lawsuites happen all the time, and your situation sounds pretty child-like.

It's in no one's best interests to sue in an hoa/coa because you only wind up suing yourself in the end.

Hang in there!!



09/09/2006 6:50 AM  
Dan, this is not a matter for the courts. Why not talk with this Board member in person and try to resolve any conflicts between the two of you. If this does not resolve the problems then you can make a motion at a Board meeting that all correspondence is to be emailed to all Board members. If this does not resolve the problem you ask the Board to sanction this Board member and assign someone else to their tasks.

And I would ask myself what I have done to create this problem and how can I change to resolve it. Quoting Dr. Phil "I believe we get what we ask for."
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