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Friday, May 29, 2020

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Subject: How much are your Associations Fees?
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11/18/2005 4:36 AM  
I live in Nashville, TN and I was wondering what other condo association fees are. I'm currently paying $165 a month. Is this below average, average, above average, way above average?


11/18/2005 7:36 PM  
Ours are in the $140 range, but we don't get garages/carports/swimming pools, the only thing available is a run down, no net, no lights, weed ridden tennis court...oh boy!


11/18/2005 10:27 PM  
I would think more information would be required to find this out.
Is there a pool, clubhouse, tennis court? How old are the units? Are there shared utilites that need to be paid? But you do raise a good question. What is a reasonable fee after maintenance and expenses?


11/19/2005 7:35 AM  
The best way to find out if your fees are average is to go to a realestate website look for condos in your area that have the same market value,bedrooms/bathrooms square feet, and there H.O.A. includes the same things yours does like trash,a pool, etc.If you find a property that charges less go to the open house and find out what garbage company they use, etc..Then you can suggest these companies to the board to help lower your fees.


11/21/2005 5:48 AM  
We recently had to raise our annual dues to $250 a year. Our common element is a 50 acre lake with no buildings. This is up from $175 a couple of years ago due to to property tax increases and our liability insurance doubling.


11/30/2005 11:31 AM  
My Mom did real estate in California for a number of years, she's mentioned Condo communities with HOA dues of roughly $500 per month (yes - probably on the extreme side) - just to give you a little comparison.


12/01/2005 8:52 AM  
32 communities in FL with a couple of acres of common area and a gate system. HOA fees $2250/year.


12/01/2005 10:05 AM  
To determine if the amount is reasonable, you really need to find out how many property owners are paying dues and what the annual income & expenses are. As a member, you're entitled to a copy of the financial statement(s). I suggest looking at the last two to three years.

Good luck.



12/01/2005 11:24 AM  
I live in a gated community with a club house, pool, airstrip, equestrian center, Lake, access to river, campground, storage facility, we pay $564.00 a year


12/01/2005 7:55 PM  
I live in San Diego, California and our community is new with only 27 units and we pay $263/month.


12/02/2005 2:38 PM  
I read the average is $152 a month but I have heard as low as $30 a year to $1500 a month. It all depends where you live,d what amenities you have and how many vendors you have.
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