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Monday, November 29, 2021

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Subject:  manager's poor performance
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05/15/2008 7:12 PM  


I'm in Florida and theres 28 units/townhomes here....we just got a new manager 4 months ago....the old manager never kept up with our units...the units were never pressure wash the T-1/11 was never treated or replaced as need.

Now with the new manager ..she is really concern and making sure each units get the special attendion/repiars needed.

My main question is ...can the homeowners sue the old manager for not making sure these units was to be repaired correctly...if he did any repairs he always used his handy guy ...never got a permit and never was inspected from the city before and after the work was done.

Feel this manager should not get away with this and come to find out that he never had any contracts on any of the services.



05/15/2008 9:02 PM  
Steve, if your management agreement specified the items you listed were to be done by the manager than you may have a case. But on the surface I would guess the blame for noncompliance is primarily the fault of the Board who may not have had a good management agreement and also failed to make sure the manager's performance was satisfactory. If so, you have no case.


05/16/2008 3:02 AM  

IMO, no matter what the duties of the manager were as outlined in the contract, the onus is on the board to ensure they are carried out. As for homeowners suing the manager, the contract would have been with the assn, so, IMO, it would be up to the board to bring suit not individual homeowners. Frankly, I think this issue is best left alone. A new manager has been hired and is doing a good job. Just hope the board has learned their lesson and will not let the same thing happen again!
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