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Monday, October 18, 2021

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Subject: Who Nominates Board members
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11/01/2005 1:07 PM  
I am currently the only person in an official position in our HOA, I was elected to be president of our association,several months ago. One of my first goals is to nominate board members to serve on the board in our HOA. But at our last meeting there was a homeowner who said all homeowners should be nominated. I don't want to nominate everyone does not live in our neighborhood. Since I am the pres do I have the authority to nominate board members by myself (Like the US President has the authority to nomitate who he wishes)and allow the general homeowners to elect who I nominated or does the homeowners nominate and elect?


11/02/2005 1:52 PM  
In our association, persons wishing to be seated on the Board of Directors can nominate themselves,or be nominated by somone else. We ask for candidates in our newsletter before election time and include a form to fill out with their info. We also post it on our web site. People return them, and we then have a list of candidates on the ballot and an election follows. For us, nominees must be association members per Covenants.


11/02/2005 5:50 PM  
Your governing documents should state the procedures of electing the Board.
It may also be described in the Bylaws of the Association.
Our Association has an election of the Board once a year at our annual meeting.
This is in Florida and the election is by the membership.
Our Bylaws state that of the Board members one shall be the President and the Vice President.
The Board then elects the other officers of the Association. Study all of your governing documents to see what is required
to conduct the election of your Board and the officers. This should all be spelled out in these documents.
(North Carolina)


11/07/2005 7:58 PM  
We are just in the new board process after it having been gone for 15 years. What we did was to have a ballot voting for a nominating committee who then did the research, the interviews, and sometimes the arm-twisting to get this accomplished and end up with a ballot.

Never have everyone nominated. If that's the case, why bother nominating? And if everyone is on the ballot, you know there is going to be this one person who got elected because he got all of 4 votes. You need a limited number of people to choose from.

I would also suggest that you try for an odd number of offices and preferably at least 5. The more you have, the more the people you can split up work with and the fewer issues you have when it comes to a vote. With 4, you either get 75% or nothing passes.


10/10/2021 6:03 AM  
Our Association has a Nominating committee whose purpose is to seek out possible residents to be a candidate. WE also accept nominations at the Annual meeting.
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