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Friday, December 03, 2021

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Subject: new trustee
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11/14/2021 9:19 PM  

i am a newly elected trustee. problem is, the president don't like me
because i speak up when she makes statements that are not right. now i
am not asked to meetings. any thing i can do to fix this. we just elected
3 new trustee's, no board of directors, just 2 trustee's until this election
in Oct.


11/15/2021 5:37 AM  
You need to check your governing documents and state law. Typically, notice of meetings have to be given to the membership and all members may attend. It goes without saying that the trustees have to be given notice.

I suggest speaking to the other trustees and get their take on it. If the president is really leaving you out of meetings then the other trustees need to do whatever is necessary to get a new president.


11/17/2021 4:12 AM  
If the meetings are held at the same time of the month (e.g. third Thursday of the month at 6 pm), all you have to do is show up. And ask other members about the next meeting if necessary. Or the property manager, who will usually be there anyway.

In my community, the property manager sends board members a management package with the meeting agenda a few days before the meeting - make sure he or she has your information to ensure you get it on time. That could be the real reason you haven't heard of upcoming meetings.

Now, then you say the president doesn't like you because you call her out when she says things "that aren't right". I'm wondering what you're saying and how you're saying it. Do you interrupt and start talking? Are you trying to change the subject? Is there a misunderstanding somewhere on a point being discussed?

There are ways you can raise issues in a professional manner. I'm not saying there isn't a personality clash of that it's all your fault. It could be this president doesn't think she should be questioned on ANYTHING and that's also a problem. You're also new to the position and perhaps you should spend a little more time listening before commenting on everything.

Talk to one of the more experienced board members and ask for his or observations on the interactions between you and the president. Maybe there's something going on that neither of you have noticed. You could also take the lead and talk to the president yourself and see if there's anything you two need to squash, as both of you want the best for the community and need to find a way to work together, and all that.



11/17/2021 4:21 AM  
When I hear "Someone doesn't like me because of"... All I can think is they are calling out their own behavior. Like they don't like the President and that they tend to speak out when not prompted. I would stop myself. Take a breath. Read the room. Learn to better communicate. Take turns speaking not attacking each other's words. Speak for yourself and not others.

Yeah the person may be lying their face off. So what? Are you? If not, then speak your truth not over others not truth. That is my advice...

Former HOA President
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