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Friday, December 03, 2021

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Subject: PM company discloses board info
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11/16/2021 10:58 AM  
Like Bill, we also occasionally get questions during open forum of our Board meetings about some of the items on his list. The treasurer in his brief verbal report at every board meeting does note the number of accounts that are delinquent
(South Carolina)


11/16/2021 11:51 AM  
We have been advised to not show particulars on delinquent owners. Our Monthly Financial Reports show names, address, amount owed but those pages get redacted when shown to non-BOD Members. At our Annual Meeting part of the financial package we give everybody does show total amount of delinquencies only but no names nor addresses.

I myself believe in Public Shaming but most advise not to.


11/16/2021 12:21 PM  
JohnC46 and everyone else

The motivations for asking those questions are all over the map. Some ask as they are simply curious, others ask to assist in determining for themselves if the Board and MC are doing their jobs, to determine if the collections process is being followed as it should be. Some ask as they have a bone to pick with the Board or MC and are looking for an opportunity for a public shaming.

To John's point, we never include owner identifying information. We have no issue handing over the past due report with the names/addresses/account numbers redacted.

Our experience, 10+ years less, fewer than 25 associations including those in which we have resided, is those living in an HOA ask for past due information more frequently than do those who reside in condominium associations.


11/16/2021 12:23 PM  
As I mentioned, We provide a Balance Sheet and an Income/Expense along with a Financial Summary to homeowners on a monthly basis, uploaded to their Web Portal. The Balance Sheet and Financial Summary will show the amount of delinquecy and the amount they might have changed from last month.

What is prepared for the Board is a different animal altogether. When we take on a new association, they are shown what the standard report will look like and a list of 300 different reports available from the software. There might be a Treasurer out there looking for different formats, which we can provide.

Rarely are emails provided in our Board packets. He do have a Homeowner log that is provided on a monthly basis for calls or emails that come in and are answered by our staff.
I wonder, who were the emails given to, homeowners, board, or both?

My understanding from legal counsels, is the emails are to be kept in the event of litigation the Association might be involved in. My Outlook account will automatically route certain emails to their respective folders for safe keeping. So far, knock on wood, never had a HOA sued, by anyone.
(South Carolina)


11/16/2021 12:26 PM  
We have 6 of 112 owners that are over one year behind on dues. We have two that are over two years behind. We have liens on all of them and we are investigating foreclosing on the two most delinquent. I say investigating as the economics have to be there as in any chance we will see any money.


11/18/2021 5:25 AM  
To tie a bow on this thread:

I asked the local HOA attorney firm about board member e-mails and if they are to be shared with a homeowner upon request. The answer is that the e-mails that are votes making a decision would be records of the association, and thus, subject to disclosure upon homeowner request. The e-mails that are discussion and no decision being made are not records and therefore not subject to disclosure upon homeowner request.

They of course mentioned that in a lawsuit, the e-mails could be discoverable under subpoena, but that is not what we are talking about in this thread.

And they advised that any board who has a homeowner seeking e-mails should consult with their association attorney for specific guidance.
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