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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Subject: Looks like someone at it again.
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10/14/2021 6:06 AM  
Yep. Person who wants to be paid attention to is at it again. Just be aware of the posting dates and we will move along.

Former HOA President
(North Carolina)


10/14/2021 6:38 AM  

Board members are volunteers. Many have no idea what they're doing. Educate them. Don't beat them up.
(South Carolina)


10/14/2021 8:16 AM  
I can't imagine what it must be like to be so desperate for attention that you would do something like this. What does a person like this do when there is a real problem?


10/14/2021 11:26 AM  
When he was at it earlier today, the first two or three pages of posts were this nonsense: 4-6 new posts per minute with no new comments.

Not sure what the person was trying to accomplish. Many spammers are trying to get you to click on their links or drum up business - these junk posts didn't do anything except make the site unusable. Trying to get attention when we're all anonymous seems odd.

Hope the mods succeed in blocking the person permanently.
(South Carolina)


10/14/2021 2:06 PM  
Me thinks it is a pissed off former member.


10/14/2021 2:17 PM  
Please nail the Icehole


10/14/2021 4:22 PM  
What happens is that their account is disabled but can still see their name pop-up. Most likely because they changed to another device. Most likely went to a phone or an Ipad to log in. So you will see a name under last response on the right but no actual post. So they are pretty much put on "mute" or "silence" on the post. Only thing they can do is waste their time by what they did by pushing the posts up the chain.

It's immature and done most likely by a poster who did not like the response they got or in general hates HOA's. Can't take the time out to educate themselves about HOA's. Just hates them...

Former HOA President
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