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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Subject: Postpone annual meeting
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10/12/2021 8:22 AM  
Can the president postpone an annual meeting if our management company abruptly quit giving us now less then 30 days to find a new company? Our annual meeting is in 10days. I was told the president has sole authority to temporarily postpone.
(South Carolina)


10/12/2021 8:28 AM  

I say the Pres alone cannot delay an Annual Meeting, but the BOD could. I do not see the linkage between the Annual Meeting and the BOD having to find a new PM unless the BOD has allowed the PM to run the meeting and they are scared to do it themselves.


10/12/2021 8:42 AM  
I also think that the board can run the annual meeting even though the PM company is in transition. Now they might have a lot on their plate (finding a new PM company is more important than holding an annual meeting) so it might make sense to level load their volunteer workload to delay the annual meeting.

I think that the board as a whole should weigh in on the decision to delay.


10/12/2021 9:06 AM  
I agree that this is a board decision.

If the former PM was in charge of handling all of the logistics for the annual meeting - notices, receiving signed proxy/ballot forms, preparing the agenda, reserving meeting space, etc. - then the board may well have no choice about postponing.

This is especially the case since the PM typical handles the money, and that has to come first. They have more urgent issues on their plates right now. (And many communities ended up delaying their annual meetings last year, and the world didn't end. You'll survive.)
(North Carolina)


10/12/2021 9:31 AM  
There are no "what if" provisions in our governing documents. One year our Annual Meeting was held in June instead of March. Don't know why as that was before my board "time".

Was the meeting to be held at the PM'S location, or on their virtual account, or at an other location? Has the MC's PM usually lead the meeting? If so, then it's time for the board to lead the meeting with the assistance of the PM. Not the other way around.

We once changed MC's at the end of the year. Anticipating a time crunch board had already secured meeting location. New MC couldn't even mail out the meeting notices in time. Board did! We had a successful meeting and the new MC paid for and picked up the food.

If you've lost your meeting's location you may be able to justify postponing it. Things change. Board needs to stay on top of things and have the meeting held ASAP.

A couple of year's ago, I, as board President, broke my ankle 3 days before the Annual Meeting. Since I could not attend due to immobility and awaiting surgery, our new PM lead the meeting. It was good because she was prepared.

Board members are volunteers. Many have no idea what they're doing. Educate them. Don't beat them up.


10/12/2021 2:52 PM  
Thank you'll for your help
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