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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Subject: Security Cameras/Ring doorbells
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10/04/2021 1:47 PM  
Our Association has 84 units that are either double or a couple of triples. The question that I have is does anyone have Security Camera/Ring Doorbell Approval document that an owner would fill out to seek Board approval for installation?


10/04/2021 4:07 PM  
We don't have one, but what I've seen of these systems, why would HOA approval be necessary? If the camera is the issue, I haven't seen where they capture a ton of area that might interfere with the neighbor's property. If the installation would involve drilling into siding that's usually common area for attached homes, I would think you'd treat it like any other exterior change request. Since a camera could be problematic, why not set some design standards indicating where the camera shouldn't aim?


10/06/2021 4:55 AM  
It could depend on whether or not the community is an HOA or a COA and whether or not the doorbell would allow recording of conversations in common areas. This latter item is subject to state laws: some states require that both parties in a conversation consent to recording, in other states it's only one party.

The only general rule I've seen is that condo associations have more authority to regulate what goes on with the common elements, and that homeowners should have no expectation of privacy when outside their units.
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