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Friday, December 03, 2021

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Subject: What to Look for When Buying into an HOA/COA
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11/15/2021 7:09 AM  
Posted By CathyA3 on 11/15/2021 6:44 AM

The part in bold jumped out at me. Are airbnb's not subject to Fair Housing laws?
I will share a specific anecdote on this point from one of my airbnb hosts. The host says yes, the airbnb company attempts to enforce Fair Housing laws and will take complaints from any airbnb guest. "Guest" of course means "short term tenant." This airbnb host has a downstairs finished basement with two bedrooms; one shared, full bath; one shared full kitchen; and a large share living room. The host and her husband advertise it as being for women only. The host can do this as long as the host is sharing space with the guest.

For this particular airbnb, arguably space is not being shared. Guests do pass through the main house somewhat, but there is a locked door that would keep out (or help keep out) any guest having ideas about getting into the hosts' space.

The host received a complaint from (transmitting a complaint from a guest) about the airbnb being "for women only." The host responded that her husband travels and she would not feel safe with men in the basement efficiency. okayed the hosts' advertising her airbnb as 'for women only.'

One question that this begs to me is: What about guests (total strangers) sharing living space? If the guests share living space, can the airbnb host advertise 'for women only' (or 'for men only')?

My airbnb host also said she was not sure how to address transgender situations. She is quite the professional and did not say more. All I said was that I too thought this was a challenging situation.

I think the Fair Housing Act is currently being interpreted to mean discrimination against the transgender folks is prohibited: If a transgender woman applies for this host's ('for women only' space, then I think the host has to rent it to the transgender woman.

I am a proponent of complying with Fair Housing law but I personally feel that any shared space airbnb (two or more guests sharing baths, say) should be allowed to declare their airbnb for one gender only.

Of course, transgender folks using school bathrooms for their "identified gender" et cetera has come up a lot nationwide.

By all appearances, airbnb is subject to either fair housing laws; possibly business/customer service non-discrimination laws; or maybe both.

I am sitting here typing in an airbnb two-story townhome whose interior is pretty nice. I imagine there is a HOA. The home interior is quiet, despite three of us sharing the home. But the neighborhood is creepy and a bit dilapidated. Point being: These airbnbers are snapping up homes in poorer residential neighborhoods on the cheap and then cleaning up. I think the itinerant guests are not really going to help the neighborhood. Some guests may be bad news (drugs et cetera?).

I do wonder what the effect of airbnbs has been on the hotel business. Have things gone downhill at many discount hotels because of the competition from airbnbs and the need for hotels to cut costs? Kinda interesting.

But back to the forum. Yes, HOAs/COAs should prohibit airbnbs when the HOA/COA owners or board can legally do so.


11/15/2021 7:40 AM  
Posted By AugustinD on 11/15/2021 7:09 AM
discrimination against the transgender folks is prohibited:
Pardon. That should have been "discrimination against transgender folks" et cetera.

I over-edit and mess up wording often.


11/15/2021 7:50 AM  
A number of sites say a home where (1) a host lives and (2) has five rental rooms or less is exempt from fair housing law.
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