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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Subject: Pickleball court drawn over Tennis court?
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09/28/2021 12:02 PM  
We have one tennis court and two pickleball courts for our community. None of the courts get a lot of play (as in you practically never show up and someone else is playing), but the pickleball crowd is more numerous than the tennis crowd. They are also more organized. They have started playing as a group two nights a week. One of them used tape to put the lines down for pickleball in the center of the tennis court (without asking the amenities manager for permission, of course).

Nobody is upset yet, but I can see a skirmish developing over this. I see it playing out like this: "Let's paint a proper pickleball court over the tennis court so we can play three games at once when no one is playing tennis."

It makes sense to the pickleball players, but probably not to all the tennis players.

Has anyone had to address this scenario in your HOA? How did you try to handle it? How successful were you? How did the homeowners react?

We have been doing a summer-long evaluation of our other amenities (pool usage, basketball, fitness center, etc.) because we are about 60% built out. There are about 530 homes currently sold. The last neighborhood is about to start selling and it will add 450 houses. So we figure this is a great time to properly evaluate if we need to pressure the builder to supplement or enhance our amenities. Painting the lines is a much cheaper option than expanding the number of courts, but we do have some room for at least one more pickleball court.


09/28/2021 5:35 PM  
We are a community of about 850 residences. Pickleball is very popular here. Not a problem during the summer, but once the snow birds come back the pickleball courts are busy at certain times.

We painted permanent lines on our hard surface tennis court (parallel to the net - so turned sideways) and use high-quality portable nets so that we can have four pickleball courts on two tennis courts. In reality, the portable nets never get put away because we have clay tennis courts in another area.

It works for us except during peak times when some of our players have organized times and/or bring in outsiders to play on the courts. The pickleball people have lately been demanding that we reconfigure again to add two more pickleball courts. However, it's a "peak load" problem whee most of the day the courts aren't used, but players have to wait when a big group shows up.

What we find is that those pickleball people are very vocal and demanding. I own a condo in another large community and they are having the same issue there.
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