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Monday, October 18, 2021

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Subject: HOA-Erect sign on Private property without notice
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09/15/2021 11:45 AM  

I am curious if an HOA can erect a stop sign on my property without notification. I came home yesterday to a stop sign dead centered in the middle of my lawn. I looked through our bylaws and my property details. The sign sits on an easement in front of my home that is the land I own for my detached condo. The bylaws do not state that they can modify the common areas or other without a vote from the residents of the neighborhood. No vote has taken place in regards to the signs. When I inquired about the sign to the HOA president they said that due to a reckless driving incident in front of my home they decided to make it a 3 way stop This is the only 3 way stop in the entire neighborhood despite many junctions like mine. The incident in which the president was speaking of was never reported to police so it would not have come up on a traffic survey. All other stop signs or signs are placed on street corners in my neighborhood. This sign has now made my driveway the center of an intersection that has caused congestion first thing in the morning. I am concerned that the sign will reduce my property value and pose a danger to my young children. I have requested the sign be taken down. It should be noted the subdivision I live in is completely private roads and all and any traffic violations cannot be enforced. So essentially I have a non enforceable sign in the center of my lawn. I do not expect the HOA to honor my request as I have had multiple issue with a particular board member whom has sent a threatening message to me and I have received ridiculous last minute notifications of "violations" that didn't exist. I believe my home is being unjustly targeted and any suggestions on recourse is welcome.


09/15/2021 12:08 PM  
Usually, the land owned in front of the condo is the HOA’s responsibility – I’m not saying you’re wrong, but you may want to take another look, especially since you state there’s an easement that the sign’s been placed on. Bylaws typically address how the association is to be run (e.g. powers of the board of directors) while the covenants (CCRs) dictate how the common area is to be used, so you may need to look there as well.

I would agree someone should have given you a heads up on this sign, but I’m also wondering if the HOA owns the street (that part may give them the authority to put the sign there). If the street’s the city or county responsibility, THAT would also give them the authority, so you may have to appeal to them.

Either way, look at the intersection and see if there’s another spot where a sign could go instead of the middle of your lawn (which seems weird to me). Photograph that area as well as the congestion you’re complaining about (time and date stamped please) and present that to the board so they can see what you’re talking about.

Regarding the board member you appear to have beef with – he or she is still only one vote, so focus on making your case with everyone else to outvote him/her.

Finally, please break this down in shorter paragraphs next time – this is hard to read.
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