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Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Subject: HOA not doing their job
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09/11/2021 5:17 PM  
I live in a small subdivision with only about 50 homes.....been here for 16 years. Board members have come and late husband being one of the first. We were very much involved in many HOA's over the years due to many moves. The present board seems to be slacking in their duties as of late. There are homes badly in need of home has poison oak growing up over the house....We have regular trash pickup on Monday. On Thursday we can put out grass clippings, boxes, household items and such....Several homeowners have begun to put out the grass clipping in bags on Friday or the weekend. This means it stays at the curb until Thursday pickup.....Ok, I am a widow with time on my hands....I have a new puppy and we walk a lot.....I have mentioned to the board of my concerns....the neighborhood is starting to look unkempt....they say they will not address these problems.... One member of the board actually put out yard waste on the weekend after I mentioned it I believe just to piss me off. People are out of work, have personal problems They say.....we all have problems, but we owe it to our community to maintain our property. We are talking about $400.000-$500,000 homes. Nothing is getting done. I had a political sign out in my yard in 2020.....they were right on top of that and made me take it down.....while my next door neighbor had a "My Child is a fifth grade graduate" sign in their yard for two months! I follow the rules, and always have....As far as the sign, we are only allowed for sale and for rent signs per the covenants. I did switch the political sign for a problem there. I have given up on the HOA, and am just doing my best....But I hate to see what is happening....Is there any recourse? I stated my concerns and they have just let it go.


09/11/2021 6:38 PM  
The first thing I would recommend, if you haven't already done so, is put your complaint in writing stating the specific restriction that is being violated. Assuming there is a violation, they at least owe you an explanation as to why they are not taking action. There could be valid reasons for not enforcing restrictions, such as, court decisions or laws that invalidated the restriction or the restriction is too vague to be enforced.

If you still feel they are not doing their job then the best course of action is find other owners who agree and vote someone else to the board.


09/11/2021 7:40 PM  
Are there others willing to run for the board that share your views about enforcement (possibly yourself too)? If so, get them to run and campaign on their behalf. This could include signs, talking to neighbors, even collecting proxies. HOAs are similar to governmental bodies in that you should try to elect directors who share your views of how things should be handled.

If nobody else is interested in running, then your association will have to accept the board they have.

Escaped former treasurer and director of a self managed association.


09/12/2021 5:43 AM  
I did put it in writing...I have one ally who is on the Architecture committee ....she is the one who gives me the info....other people have said to me that they agree with me, but will not take any action....apathy....all around me...I am 73, and tired of being the pariah


09/12/2021 7:00 AM  
As a Wife of an Ex board member you should be aware of a few things. The process can take a long time with warning letters. Waiting for responses and also having the owners play the game of not responding. After a while and all of the first steps are exhausted it could go to a lawyer and then it is out of the boards hands all together. The board members are not allowed to talk about any of this with neighbors.

As a board member for many years it is very frustrating for us as well. For the most part we all want the same things in our HOAs.
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