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Monday, November 29, 2021

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Subject: Evaluating Property Manager
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04/30/2006 9:50 AM  
Does anyone have a checklist type document they would share that could be used to help with a quarterly review of the quality of an individual property manager. We would like to start this process so that collectively everyone knows what is expected and then rate how well the results are being achieved.


04/30/2006 2:15 PM  
A check list can be developed from your Agreement with the MC. The Agreement should provide the specific duties required of the MC, although many do not. Meanwhile, a check list is not meaningful by itself without the ability to determine quality of services. Quality of service can be judged if you are knowledgeable on the quality of services of other MCs in the area. Most associations stay with the same MC until there is a serious performance problem OR when a Board member questions the cost of services.

Some items you can consider and SHOULD WEIGH AGAINST COST are:
1) Communications
Is the MC immediately accessible to the members?
How well do they answer Board and owner questions and effectively handle complaints?
How knowledgeable is the MC of your HOA documents, local ordinances, state statutes, and applicable federal laws related to HOAs?
How good is the MC at providing guidance to the Board and educating the owners?
How helpful is the MC is setting up and helping with meetings?
Does the MC provide notices of meetings with ballots and/or proxies, newsletters, directories, web site administration, parlimentarian and/or any other communications services desired?

2) Accounting
How effective is the MC at collecting assessments? How many delinquent accounts?
Does the MC confirm invoices and pay bill in an acceptable manner?
Does the MC provide money handling procedures which do not allow the MC to have access to any funds?
Are the MC financial reports clearly understood, accurate, timely, and in compliance with GAAP.
Are MC proposed budgets thorough, reasonably accurate, and clearly understood.

3) Enforcement of Violations
Are inspections done in a thorough professional manner and are violations documented?
Are violations corrected in an effective, non-confrontive manner in compliance with the HOAs guidelines and state statutes?
Do violations ever require handling by the Board or a Hearing Committee?
How have you needed the services of an attorney? Have you ever been to court?

4) Contracted Services
Does the MC have knowledge of GOOD, LOW COST contractors?
Does the MC effectively solicit bids and related contracts and insurance?
After the Board selects a Contractor does the MC effectively monitor the contractor?
Does the MC effective coordinate with your attorney?
Does the MC effective coordinate with your insurance agent?

5) Other Services
Does the MC provide immediate response for minor repairs; assist in amending the Declaration, Articles, By-laws, and Rules; file lien and release of lien; prepare taxes; coordinate audits/financial reviews; prepare reserve analyses; assist with title transfers and welcome new owners; and other services needed by an HOA.
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