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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Subject: Noxious odor from 1st floor unit
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08/23/2021 11:37 AM  
We own a 2nd floor condo and the owners below us are not only hoarders, but allow their 2 pitbulls to urinate and defecate in their unit. The owner has told me that she uses ammonia to clean up after the dogs, which makes the odor even worse. The hallway smells beyond belief, especially on hot humid days or after a good rainfall. The biggest issue is the building was built incorrectly. Their unit supplies the air conditioning and heating for the main hallway. The Association has done nothing about this noxious odor except clean the carpeting in the hallway when we complain. That doesn't last long because the son then walks out and tracks the dog feces onto the carpet.

The odor from their unit is impeding into ours. We have air fresheners but it's not helping much. When we have taken off a light switch plate, you can really smell their odor from down below. It's like imbedded in the 2x4's or the drywall. I've gone to the city about this and they tell me to go to the County Health dept. I go there and they tell me to see the City building inspector.

Has anyone else been through this type of experience and what was done to resolve the issue? Would have the duct work cleaned in the main hallway help any? Would that help in my unit? Is there anything legally that can be done to get them to clean themselves up?


08/23/2021 5:00 PM  
Call the city health department and explain your situation. Keep the board informed.


08/23/2021 5:12 PM  
I would also file a complaint with code enforcement.
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