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Monday, December 06, 2021

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Subject: HOA refusing to allow speakers at meeting
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08/05/2021 7:58 AM  
**I'm trying to keep my topics separate and distinct.**
the activity is beekeeping.

Thoughts on this? The HOA board is sending me letters about an alleged violation that in my opinion is not dis-allowed. The HOA has written that if I want to do this activity, then I need to propose CCR amendment and get 2/3's vote to explicitly write in to the CCR's that this activity is allowed. On top of that, they have said they are dedicating time at next meeting to address this activity and highlight why it is not allowed.

OK, I responded telling them to please include time on the agenda for the City Code Compliance officer to speak to the activity and for the President of the local County Club to attend and speak to the activity, the benefits, the safety, blah blah blah.

The board quickly responded saying: We do not allow outside speakers at our meetings and the agenda is too full to add anymore time for discussion.

Basically, the board wants to state their own opinion and not allow any other conversation from myself, city officials, and local experts.

How can I address this issue?



08/05/2021 8:05 AM  
You addressed it in the only way you can. You made a request and they said no. The board has the discretion to allow or not allow guests at meetings.

You could get a written opinion from these people, and submit those to the board. They wouldn't be obligated to read them, but you can try.


08/05/2021 9:00 AM  
The Board does not need to allow your experts to speak at their board meeting. Do board meetings in ID need to allow time for owners to speak at Board meetings? If so, there's your chance.
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