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Thursday, December 09, 2021

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Subject: Training
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07/20/2021 3:39 AM  
We are in the process of switching from the builder to a board in Georgia. Is there any training that anyone reccomends?


07/20/2021 4:21 AM  
Reading your CC&R's, by-laws, and Articles of Incorporation. If you have an ACC documentation read it too. Time to get busy. I would read past posts on this website as well.

Get an understanding your HOA is a non-profit corporation (most are) but not a charitable one. Your ONLY funded by your members by it's members. Which is done through dues. Get an understanding of what future maintenance expenses you all will be responsible for once turn over begins. Plan to make the dues match those expenses.

Former HOA President
(South Carolina)


07/20/2021 4:46 AM


07/20/2021 6:37 AM  
Read your state's laws governing community associations (they may distinguish between condos and HOAs, so make sure you're reading the correct one).

Also check for attorneys in your state that represent HOAs. They may have websites with useful information for board members. Our attorney provided free quarterly in-person training plus quarterly newsletters to their clients, and it was very helpful.

There is a pretty steep learning curve for people who've never served on community association boards, especially for those with no prior business experience since your HOA is almost certainly a corporation.
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