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Thursday, December 09, 2021

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Subject: Do you allow residents to "opt out" of mowing services?
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07/13/2021 10:58 AM  
Our HOA provides mowing and trimming for all residents. From the start the landscape company provided red landscape flags that owners could place in their front lawn if, for any reason, they needed their lawn skipped that week. Perhaps they had laid fresh seed somewhere, or they are doing some construction work such as a deck.

As is probably typical, some residents aren't happy with the service our landscaping company provides. Several of them have now placed the red markers in their lawns permanently, and mow their lawns themselves. But not all of them are great about keeping up with their mowing, so now our property manager has additional work keeping up with those unkept lawns. The property manager has now said they believe people should not be allowed to opt out of mowing services.

I'm curious what the policy is at other places.
(South Carolina)


07/13/2021 11:01 AM  

My HOA provides landscaping and we do not let owners opt out of it as we strive to keep a standard look. That said, if an owner wants to do a bit more, power to them as long as they do not destroy the standard look.


07/13/2021 11:33 AM  
Our HOA only responsibility is lawncare. It is stated in the documents. You can opt out of the chemical for weeds but not mowing. It is how we keep the aesthetic look.

Former HOA President


07/13/2021 12:27 PM  
I agree with John. If these folks aren't happy with the landscaping company, they need to specify what the problems are and then the board can look for patterns and see if something needs to be discussed with the company. Some people may be a little too nit-picky and you may need to get that under control as well.
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