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Thursday, December 09, 2021

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Subject: how do I search for a topic on HOATalk?
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07/01/2021 5:18 PM  
I have a post that I want to reply to, but I cannot find it. Is there a search feature on this site? If so, I do not see it. Thanks in advance!


07/01/2021 5:20 PM  
Duh! As soon as I posted this topic, I saw the "Search" button. I am new to this site. Sorry!


07/01/2021 6:47 PM  
No Problem.

Welcome aboard and glad you found it.


07/06/2021 12:13 PM  
I don't see a search button anywhere.


07/06/2021 12:26 PM  
Look for the yellow highlighted text and the smiley face,
then go down one line and there will be a button with a search magnify glass.


07/10/2021 8:39 AM  
I was looking for the same thing, thanks for pointing it out!

Personally, I usually do a CTRL+F and look for the "search" word. Since it was a picture, didn't show.

The search button is a little hidden.


07/19/2021 9:13 AM  
I have not been successful in searching and finding topics using the search. I think the only way that search works, is if there is a way to add keywords such as tags to post and then whenever someone post they would need to fill out the tags or keywords to make the post searchable.


07/20/2021 9:32 AM  
There are two options in Search:
*any search words
*all search words

I tend to use the latter

Sometimes though I want to see answers within a certain time frame
In google you can use {then your search words}

and then use googles filters


08/02/2021 8:48 AM  
This post was helpful for me. I just joined and had the same issue. May want to relocate a different location? Or make it stand out.
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