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Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Subject: running for the board
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07/01/2021 2:47 PM  
I thought I read somewhere in the Florida HOA statute (homes not condo) that if you had been previously removed from a board (any board), you could no longer run for a board HOA position.

I have gone back though all my files and cannot find the reference.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?




07/01/2021 4:33 PM  
Assume you're referring just to an HOA board, not just any type of board, Art?

I don't recall seeing any such restrictions on this forum. But, if FL says convicted felons can't be on a Board, and someone was removed from a board when it was learned she was a convicted felon, I doubt she'd be permitted to run for the Board again.

If an entire Board was recalled by the membership, this possible FL restriction would say no individual could seek broad service anywhere in the state? Doesn't' seem likely.



07/02/2021 4:55 AM  
I agree with Kerry that it's unlikely. Directors serve at the pleasure of the homeowners and can be recalled with or without cause. You can't draw any conclusions without knowing a lot about what happened behind the scenes.


* An incompetent or corrupt director is recalled (good).

* A board that is fighting against homeowners who want assessments kept as low as possible, regardless of the true cost of maintaining the property, and is replaced by a board who does what the owners want (bad).

* A director gets sideways with a bunch of owners who just don't like his face (may be good or bad depending on circumstances).

So... a recalled director can be a good person who was in a bad situation or a real stinker. It would be foolish to toss out the good ones just to get rid of the stinkers, since most HOAs and COAs don't have a lot of people clamoring to serve on the board. Convicted felons are a different matter.
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