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Monday, December 06, 2021

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Subject: its really impossible
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06/27/2021 8:25 PM  
gosh, I can't believe condominium associations don't have to follow specific record keeping and maintenance schedules according to some standard.

The more I realize how little accountability or oversight there is of association business , the more dumbfounded I am.

If a for profit business was run so poorly and with such lack of written processes and procedures, there's no way it could ever succeed to it's full potential.

I'd like to hear from someone in a condominium community if florida. There seems to be more requirements and regulations for condominiums in florida. Are there any florida members here.



06/27/2021 8:27 PM  
Serious Laska, you guys need to come out of the stone ages and get some professional help. you should ask Bill for help.


06/27/2021 10:09 PM  
unfortunately, no one could help get this ship on course unless the captain in replaced. There's a reason why the law has a board oversee associations. When one person ends up having all the say in everything that goes on. When he is never held accountable, despite failure after failure. The board itself is at fault. The board members are supposed to hold eachother accountable. However. when most of the board are happy to have this one person do everything that's a problem.

add to that, the management company that handles our financials has a vested interest in keeping things chaotic.

Add to that, the board having been told that they don't actually have a fiduciary duty to the owners or association unter the texas condominium act. good grief....



06/27/2021 10:17 PM  
I am out. Not going to get sucked into "Laska's world". I suggest you get out when you can. It's just going to be a downward spiral from here on out... Peace!

Former HOA President


06/27/2021 11:02 PM  
you really are a troll Mellissa.



06/28/2021 5:18 AM  
Max, thanks for the referral. I agree her association needs professional help and probably a new board.

To her point however, and I believe Barbara posted a comment along these lines a few weeks ago, the Texas Legislature ignores condominium associations when crafting changes to the Property Code. We have managed HOAs, have lived in them since coming to Texas, and have served on the Boards. Section 209 of the Property Code contains far more in terms of operating processes and requirements than do the chapters which pertain to condominiums. I'm not certain where the lobbying horsepower is coming from which steers Austin away from addressing condominiums.

Perhaps the tragedy in Florida will stimulate action in the 2023 Session of the Texas Legislature but I tend to doubt it. Personally, we would like to see a mandate that every condominium association have a reserve study which is refreshed on not less than five year intervals, and that there be some reserve funding percentage requirement which overrides language in Bylaws and Declarations regarding limitations on assessment increases.

The chronic shortage of funds for proper maintenance is frustrating lurks in the background of every discussion regarding a property.


06/28/2021 8:21 AM  
Posted By LaskaS on 06/27/2021 11:02 PM
you really are a troll Mellissa.

Then I'm a troll too.

You've been given lots of advice and sympathy. Nobody has a magical solution to your problem, so continuing to post isn't going to get you any new answers.

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