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Monday, December 06, 2021

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Subject: HOA Office -Postal Drop Off
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06/26/2021 1:29 PM  
Not sure if this is possible but does anyone have an onsite HOA office that accepts USPS, Fedex, UPS package drop off? We do not have any options nearby to drop packages off and this would be a huge convenience if we could get this going. Even if it was just USPS.



06/26/2021 2:09 PM  
Three suggestions:

First, if you plan to spend any HOA money to do this, you should read your covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) carefully to see if there is any justification in there for doing such a thing.

Second, check with your HOA's insurer to see if there are any implications in there (I expect there will be if you have custody of people's property).

Third, think of everything that could go wrong with this (eg. the cops descend one day because an enterprising owner is using the service to ship drugs or stolen items). At the very least expect some pushback from some owners, because somebody somewhere will always complain about something.

(Yes, I read a lot of mysteries.)


06/26/2021 2:29 PM  
That's a tough call considering Amazon offers self service lockboxes for deliveries and USP, FedEx allows pickups at their hubs. This is a determining factor for many places to not want to get involved, too much of a liability.


06/26/2021 8:15 PM  
Most companies won't deliver to USPS PO boxes.

However, they will deliver to a mailbox service (UPS store, Mailboxes etc. - to name a few).


06/27/2021 7:20 AM  
Great points, thank you! Definitely not looking to spend HOA money because yes, there would be pushback I'm sure. I have seen businesses (grant it we're not a business but operate as one) that double as package drop off so that's what triggered the idea. Plus we don't have anything nearby since the one close to us just shut down. Thank you for your response!
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