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Monday, December 06, 2021

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Subject: Right to see complaints against you
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06/16/2021 1:06 PM  
Does a homeowner have a right to see complaints made against him or her?

(South Carolina)


06/16/2021 1:09 PM  
Posted By CindyA7 on 06/16/2021 1:06 PM
Does a homeowner have a right to see complaints made against him or her?

I say yes but not necessarily by who lodged the complaint. When we have a complaint, the BOD investigates and if it exists, our PM lodges the complaint.


06/16/2021 1:35 PM  
That may depend on the type of complaint. For example your community might hire it's property manager to do occasional drive throughs of your community for certain violations and find you've violated a rule regarding exterior changes, such as replacing a don't door without pre approval by the board. In that case, the "complaint" is the association and defend by on your appeal rifhts, you may be able to find out the date and time when the violation was noted - a time and date stamped photo would take care of that.

As for complaints between neighbors, that can be a little tricky. Some people may have gone to the board because they tried to discuss the complaint with You, but you ignored it or behaved like a boor. That may result in some being afraid to talk to you because you or your spouse have a bad temper and they don't want a situation to escalate to where all of you wind up on the evening news.If

Let's be honest - if you've received a notice stating there have been complaints against you, you usually have a good idea who it is. I also know some people would rather get the association to do their dirty work because THEY don't know how to play well with others - it's a passive aggressive play. The hectic can suggest is to focus on the behavior. Sometimes we don't see that the things we do are annoying, so it helps to look at the issue from another angle. It may help to ask a neighbor who you do get along with and get his/her perspective. Just make sure you keep an open mind and keep your temper in check.

That neighbor might even be willing to tag along as you continue suspect neighbor's house - not to confront them, but to ask if there has been a problem with noise,dogs, etc., because you want to be a good neighbor.

If you know the neighbor is, well, unreasonable, it may be best to ignore him/her/them and concentrate on your own behavior. People who aren't adult enough to come to you in a responsible manner and discuss an issue like grown people can be ignored. If they get rowdy, you may have to talk to police, but often people are trying to irritate you. It's not as fun when you don't respond the way they'd like


06/16/2021 1:50 PM  
In my case, I believe it is from an ex-spouse who no longer has a legal right to live in the house. After living in the house for many years and electing to move out, (giving me the right to legally move in once he had his turn in the house) he is trying to harass me through the board. I believe he has given false reports. I believe there are board members (who used to be on the board with him years ago) who are acting on his behalf to harass me.


06/16/2021 2:45 PM  
If that is true, call the police or take out a restraining order. No need to drag others into your dramas.

Former HOA President


06/16/2021 4:10 PM  
If that's the case, discuss it with your divorce attorney, suggest the attorney send a letter to the board that complaints from this party should not be taken seriously.


06/16/2021 7:07 PM  
Has the Board called you to attend a hearing to discuss these alleged violations? If so, it must have been in writing and should have continued the exact rules or covenants you allegedly have violated. Has none of that happened?

HOW do you know that there re complaints? Someone told you? Someone wrote to you? Who?

Is you ex still on title?


06/25/2021 5:50 AM  
I don't understand the question. Someone "complaining" about things is meaningless. People have the right to complain about anything and everything.

On the other hand, if you have been given an official "warning" or "notice of violation" or some such thing, then by definition you have seen the complaint - because it is in the letter provided to you.
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