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Monday, December 06, 2021

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Subject: no reply
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06/11/2021 7:25 AM  
my question is How do I get my home improvement projects approved when i'm not allowed to contact HOA ?

my first HOA. it is a "contractor" set up with ONE person running the HOA. approx. 22 single family homes.
this house needed work so i got approval for the patio, and stairs.
we are required to email. no contact.

then when i needed a fence built i was continuously denied. because i kept asking WHY?
then was told that if the fence contractor would change the line on the drawing, re submit, would be approved.

the HOA Called the Fence Contractor and ordered the work done.
they just showed up one day.

i also emailed and asked when the street light to the entrance would be fixed.
HOA told me to let know and that would report to local electric company.
i sent pictures of day and night.
said that drove by and nothing wrong.
i said you must be mistaken.

then said i made her feel uncomfortable and all future communication would be through her attorney.
do not contact her.

ok i sent an email 4 months ago with all necessary documentation for a pool.
this pool is not for leisure but for ailments and exercise.

no Response.
i have read of people who send a letter giving a deadline for response or it is approved.

i sent an email with all necessary documentation for shade addition over my patio.
which faces the West and is unusable. i have one little umbrella/table. on a 70 ft patio.

the sun also shines in forcing the A/C to run non stop in the afternoons.
which will probaby go out soon also.

any advice is greatly appreciated.



06/11/2021 12:17 PM  
Is this community still run by the developer of has it been turned over to the homeowners? The answer to that should be in your documents - pull them out and read them. If it's still under developer control, they can run it as the developer wishes. That doesn't mean they can or should get away with rudeness.

Then again, are you sending everything needed to review your request? Are you sending the request to the right place? Do your documents list a timeline as to when you can expect a response? Is it possible your correspondence got lost in transit - else silly if it's emailed - maybe you should double check your spam folder.

This stuff does t necessarily get approved as soon as you but send and it may be requests from other residents are ahead of you. You may want to consider all this first.

If there is a HOA board, to to the next meeting and discuss the issue with them,bringing some of your previous correspondence to show what you've done. It's ok to ask if there's a human to follow up on requests, but this may be a self managed HOA (you should already know that). If so, the person handling the requests may be a homeowner just like you meaning they DO have a life outside the HOA.

As for the attorney comment,that smells like someone, perhaps both sides lost their tempers. Look back over your emails - if there werewolves threats, cuss words and the like, apologize and start over. Hopefully the other person will also realize he/she came out of a bag for no reason and do the same.


06/11/2021 12:30 PM  
Posted By SheliaH on 06/11/2021 12:17 PM

As for the attorney comment,that smells like someone, perhaps both sides lost their tempers. Look back over your emails - if there werewolves threats
I almost started googling for "werewolf threat," thinking I was not up to date on the latest hip lingo.

I am betting SheliaH's post was managed by an app. Forty years ago, said app would have been popularly known as "Orwellian." Today, it's the price of communicating quickly and effectively. And it is still Orwellian afaic.


06/11/2021 3:17 PM  
Nan, it was tablet thumbs striking again!

Although...werewolf threats is intriguing, so I'll have to figure out how to use this turn of phrase. What I meant to say is both sides may have clapped back at each other a bit too much. Thanks stuff about one person making the other nervous.


06/11/2021 3:22 PM  
Aren't werewolf threats only a concern when in London?


06/12/2021 6:31 AM  
as i previously stated,
ALL communication is via EMAIL. to one person.
i have the correct address because i have had THREE previous requests approved.

there are NO MEETINGS. the HOA is ONE PERSON. not a meeting. not a neighbor, of the 22 homes here.
four months is quite a long time to wait
when others get their requests approved VIA EMAIL within 48 hours.

yes, ALL the documentation is sent VIA EMAIL. as I have sent previous home improvements that got approved.

i want to know about can "HOA" just simply IGNORE me?


06/12/2021 6:37 AM  
there is a CCR. i have read it MANY TIMES.

the HOA has been rude since i moved in one year ago.
in case you too don't believe me,
i got the email address from the neighbor. (we ALL TALK)
i asked for a copy of CCR.
she said WHO ARE YOU? I'm not just sending this out to anybody.
i said i now own XX blvd.
she said i didn't know that house was sold. who is your realtor?
i told her.
my realtor called me and said that was a lie because he had to contact her before we closed.
then she sent a copy of the CCR in reply.

she has ignored me since i called her out on her lies.
and negligence about the entrance lighting.

can she just ignore me?



06/12/2021 6:41 AM  
with sadness, i watched the next door neighbor install their pergola.
while i sit waiting on approval From JANUARY.


06/12/2021 7:15 AM  

-- Would you please quote exactly what your HOA's covenants and Rules and Regulations say about obtaining approvals to architectural requests.

-- Please look up your HOA corporation at the Tennessee Secretary of State . Use this site to identify the registered agent, and the agent's address, for your HOA.

-- Send a letter registered mail, return receipt requested to the agent's address. This is so you have documentation that you submitted the request.

-- In all your communications, stay unemotional. Never use all-caps. Never use exclamation points. Make your sentences short. Stay sugary polite. Address people by their surname (Ms., Mr., Mrs. et cetera).

-- If the covenants and rules do not give a timeline for approving an architectural change, then the courts say the Board or Architectural Committee yada has to be "reasonable."

-- If you continue to get no response, you will be stuck with hiring an attorney. This is because the communications needed to get a response from the HOA are sophisticated and beyond the abilities of most people. Plus a letter from an attorney gets a HOA's attention and typically ends up in the hands of the HOA/COA attorney. The HOA/COA attorney is often far more reasonable (on account of homing in on the law) than the amateur, often ego-driven board of directors.

-- If the pool is needed for a disability, then fair housing law may very well be on your side, and the delays in responding are particularly unacceptable. I am not saying you are entitled to have approval of the pool. But you might be.

-- Answering people's questions here is important. Internet communications are hard enough. Folks here have expertise but almost always, these folks need more information from the OP to give answers that can actually help.

-- For the purposes of clarity, please consider avoiding the use of pronouns. Instead, give the title of the person. E.g. if "he" refers to a HOA manager, then instead of writing "He told me... " write instead, "The manager told me... "


06/12/2021 8:09 AM  
Augustin reminds me that I don't think Pauline has told us just WHO the "HOA" is. Or the title of the person who keep ignoring her. Is this one person "the HOA" that she keeps talking about?


06/14/2021 4:46 PM  
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