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Monday, December 06, 2021

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Subject: How can we fire Management company?
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05/19/2021 5:27 PM  
We have a complacent board of directors, which pretty much makes them incompetent. Their fiduciary responsibility is to care and maintain all common area but have grossly failed to do so. We have lost just about all of our Holly berry trees and over 100 hedges, Palms tree and other beautiful greenery that enhance our common grounds. This I attribute to their lack to properly schedule regular fertilization, and proper irrigation etc. To replace these hedges will now cost us an exorbitant amount of money, replacement of trees will cost us a fortune as well thanks to their apathy.

My question is, can I gather enough signature to fire the management company or is this something only a the board can initiate?


05/19/2021 5:51 PM  
If you have a complacent board, which makes them incompetent, why are you looking to fire the management company?
(South Carolina)


05/19/2021 6:04 PM  
Once you find a 'good' management company and they find out you have a complacent, incompetent board why would you expect things to get better? I think you are looking at this backwards.


05/19/2021 6:06 PM  
Agree with others. "Fire" the Board either though recall (hard) or at election time (easier & cheaper.)


05/19/2021 7:28 PM  
What Kerry and John said. The management company works for the board, not the other way around. You blame the property manager for not taking care of the landscaping, but who gave them direction to do the lawn mowing, raking leaves, pruning the trees and so on? That's right - your complacent board of directors.

A better question would be - who elected and re-elected these people? You know the answer to that!

Want to change it? Go out and talk to your neighbors and see how many agree with you. Then, you work together to either vote these people out of office and elect a new board (one of the newbies might need to be YOU, so think this through carefully). Once your group takes charge, you can talk to the property management company and take a look at the financials while you're at it. You may find the property manager told the board what needed to be done, but it wasn't done because (a) they were incompetent and/or (2) there wasn't enough money in the budget. You may need to take a long look at the financials to see where the money's going and address a lot more than trees and shrubs.

You got work to do - get going and good luck!


05/20/2021 3:00 AM  
Thank you for getting back with me. The board needs to be replaced for sure. That's a given. However, the management company response to all our ill is excuse after excuse. The management justifies every situation. More like a cover up. I understand that our problem has a lot to do with the boards incompetence, but no realistic resolution is presented by the management as a remedy to the problem.


05/20/2021 3:01 AM  
Thank you


05/20/2021 3:25 AM  
Regarding financials? That's a problem. Not enough money in the budget to address all the issues. The way I look at it, if there's a water leak behind your wall, get fixed before it turns into tsunami. HOA fees are only $310 per year. Originally back in 2002 it was $290.00. It's only increased by $20. This community consist of 377 homes. As our community ages, things begin to deteriorate such as our retention ponds, swimming pool, club house etc. This is a high up keep cost. But the smaller items, such as common area grounds, if fertilized irrigated and immediate replace lost vegetation will prevent future higher cost to replace. Which is the issue today. All preventable. What was once a beautiful landscaping surrounding our community has been lost and to replace it the cost would be astronomical. The boards apprehension to increase HOA fees is unforgivable.


05/20/2021 4:47 AM  

Yes, your Board should be replaced as your annual HOA fees with all those amenities and landscaping should be at least twice the amount now being paid.

Your Association owners are looking at significant special assessments down the road as your Reserve Accounts cannot possibly funded to the level they should be.


05/20/2021 4:57 AM  
A HOA is ONLY funded by it's members FOR it's members. The board can ONLY manage the money it has. Which if it is not enough then you get what you get or you all have to pay more in...

Former HOA President


05/20/2021 5:18 AM  
Homeowners can't fire anybody - the board does that. So the first step is replacing the current set of directors with ones who know what they're doing. Your bylaws and your state laws for community associations (FS 718 for condos or FS 720 for HOAs) should provide guidance on the correct steps for holding a recall election. You need to follow the steps to the letter, otherwise the recall will be invalid.

Your biggest challenge is going to be your fellow homeowners. It appears enough of them have been content with the status quo to keep the current set of directors on the board. Getting enough of them to see that this is not in their best interests will take time and effort - and there is no guarantee that enough of them will agree with you to change anything. "We Want to Raise Your Assessments!" is not a winning campaign slogan, no matter how "right" you may be in how you view things. (For what it's worth, I agree with your viewpoint.)


05/24/2021 4:02 PM  
There is no mechanism for anyone but the board to fire them.

Your best bet is to run for the board, then convince them from within to take of business.
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