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Monday, December 06, 2021

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05/12/2021 10:26 AM  
We're about to update a lot of equipment and furniture, and we also have a bunch of stuff nobody every got rid of in storage. We want to create a policy that guides these decisions. I mean, ideally, we would get tax deductions for the donations, but that means we have to haul stuff, and the hassle may be worth more than the equipment if we have owners who want the stuff. Of course, then there are liability and fairness concerns. If anybody has a policy they would like to share, we're interested.


05/12/2021 12:41 PM  
If you think there could be a tax issue, talk to the association's accountant.

Otherwise, you could keep an inventory of this stuff and check to see if it's usable. If so, make a list of what will be given away, publish it on the community website Or newsletter, saying where to pick it up and It's on a first come, first serve basis. Perhaps have someone supervising the giveaway so people don't fight over outdated furniture. Don't warrant anything, although You already knew that (didn't you?)If

If you still have leftover stuff, check if it could be donated to a charity or recycle. Update your list accordingly so you know when it was purchased, when it was disposed of and how.


05/12/2021 3:02 PM  
Your HOA isn't going to get much of a benefit for donating. It's most likely a non-profit corporation. So no benefit. If anything, advertise it for the members to come grab first come first serve. Whatever is left, just donate. I wouldn't even consider having any kind of yard sale. That could be a tax issue.

Truth be told. I still have an old picture and a few Christmas Decorations from my old HOA. Simply because it was taking up space in our closet. Believe the stuff was already given to the HOA by other members over time.

Former HOA President


05/12/2021 4:19 PM  
Our board just voted to get rid of some old common area lobby (high rise) furniture and directed our PM to date it to a org of her choice. We'll no one wants it. So she offered it to our (low wage) security & custodial staffers. None of them wanted it! So now we'll be paying someone to haul it away.
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