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Friday, March 05, 2021

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Subject: Preventing "Name and Shame" of owners questions
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02/19/2021 3:50 PM  
A lot of owners are apprehensive of asking questions to the property manager as she will shame them to the Board.

Any experience with this or suggestions?

Particularly Tennessee Statute to prevent this?


02/19/2021 3:53 PM  
Not sure what you mean by same them to the board. An example would help.

My opinion, Shame the PM back.
Simply making the comment - "is that really called for? I expected professionalism" can go a long way.


02/19/2021 4:18 PM  
If you are a Board member I would bring some of these concerns to the next meeting. I would not use the names of the owners but would ask the management company rep for their response. If the answer is not satisfactory then follow-up questions will be needed. The bottom line is that no owner should be made to feel that they cannot communicate to the rep. Our Association, the owners communicate directly to Board members, through email, letters phone calls and at Board meetings under homeowner input agenda item.


02/19/2021 6:37 PM  
There wouldn't be a law about this Janine.

But, what the heck does "shame them to the board," mean? Yes, examples, please. If your PM has some sort of professional certification, there might be a code of ethic for her. Does her contract with you say anything about her interactions with Owners?

Your Board can certainly meet with her in private and instruct her to knock it off.

Is your PM onsite every day? Or can s/he only be reached by email?
(North Carolina)


02/20/2021 8:53 AM  

From a business perspective, the property manager should report out complaints and questions related to property management and on-site operations. If the property manager is not handling such communications to the board professionally, that should be addressed.

If dues payer is constantly communicating with the PM, in form of complaints and "questions," a proactive notification to the board of such constant nagging is within order because the next step is for the dues payer to then complain about the manager and stir dissention where it really doesn't exist in the HOA board/manager relationship.

Never assume that your PM is confidentially addressing your questions with the exception of your individual dues account and dues payment matters.
(South Carolina)


02/20/2021 11:07 AM  
How the PM handles issues brought to their attention is based on your contract with them. Meaning what services do they perform for you. As an example, our PM deals with owners when it comes to dues payments and nothing else. All other comments, questions, complaints are sent to the BOD Email address. When someone does improperly communicate with our PM, the PM simply forwards it to the BOD.

The BOD has a Gmail address and any Email sent to it automatically gets forwarded to all BOD Members. The BOD decides how to and who will respond.
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