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Sunday, January 17, 2021

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Subject: Officers Responsibilities/Job Description
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01/08/2021 3:28 PM  
Does anyone have a good resource that provides HOA officers job description/responsibilities? Our bylaws and restrictive covenants do not provide this information. Thanks!


01/08/2021 3:36 PM  
Normally, I'd think it odd that the Bylaws wouldn't have this because Bylaws are supposed to dictate how the association is run (e.g. powers of the board, how to amend the documents, etc.) However, I've read all sorts of weird stuff on this board. Even so, reread the documents anyway - they can be really difficult to read because of all the legalese, but it will be necessary because....

Anyway, why not start with a simple internet search for "HOA president duties" and what not? You should still review your documents to see what the board is responsible for and then determine what you want the officers to do towards that end. Oh, and check out the CAI website's education materials - there are several books and brochures you can buy on the duties of HOA officers. While you're at it, you should probably check out resources on holding effective board meetings and other board issues that can help you. Enjoy!


01/08/2021 3:50 PM  
Typically, the Bylaws provide a very limited set of duties.

I actually made officer binders to assist describing the duties for my Association.

Leslie, email me and I'll provide (too large to post).

[email protected]

Note: I won't see the email until Monday night.

Hopefully, these will be of assistance as well:

Best Practices - Governance (pdf document) by the Foundation for Community Association Research

Links to other Best Practices publications by the Foundation for Community Association Research

Spotlight on You the Secretary pdf document by the National Association of Parliamentarians

links to Spotlight on Other Officer positions by the National Association of Parliamentarians

Subject: Reserve Studies/Funds 101 a thread on this forum, HOATalk. Has good links to other resources on Reserve studies.


01/08/2021 4:35 PM  
You've received some good help already, Leslie.

If your HOA is a corporation, your state's corporations code or statutes might help.

What size is your HOA? Do you have a property manager who helps the board of directors?


01/09/2021 5:02 AM  
I found more details in the Articles of Incorporation documents for these positions. They seem to be briefly mentioned in the others but more defined in the Articles. Typically Secretary keeps records of ownership/meeting notes. Treasurer accounting of funds. Vice President to take over meeting IF President can not attend. However, they do NOT assume the President's position if they vacate. President can NOT act as the Secretary but is the head of the HOA. Each HOA varies of course but that is the general set up. Plus Officer positions are voted on amongst the elected board members. General membership elect board members. The board members then vote amongst themselves the office positions.

Former HOA President


01/09/2021 9:57 AM  
Thanks everyone for the many helpful suggestions. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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