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Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Subject: Do's & don'ts condo trash policy
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11/16/2020 8:31 AM  
I'm trying to create a policy of do's and don'ts for a small condo building.
The issues are people who depose of their trash are not using secure bags that are tied up.
Throwing away liquids and food that empties into the trash container and causes a mess.
Not recycling items that are recyclable and now breaking down boxes.
Do you guys have any polices that i can copy from? I tried to google it and use my cities website but
that is more for when to put trash out and what days accept what type of trash.

I'm also trying to do the same for building security. Like not buzzing in people you don't know and not
letting people piggy back when they enter the building. Also calling 911 when you see someone you
don't recognize.
Any thing you may have that I can edit to my liking would be great.



11/16/2020 9:29 AM  
Where are your trash container(s) located? Inside your building? Outside? Is there only one?

How many entrances are there to your building? Is there any staff at these entrances?


11/16/2020 9:35 AM  
Where are your trash container(s) located? Inside your building? Outside? Is there only one?

We only have one trash container inside the building. It's one of those that has a compactor connected to it on the first floor. So it is located next to condo owners.

How many entrances are there to your building? Is there any staff at these entrances?

We have 3 entrances and no staff. We don't have the money to hire anyone. Possible to add some more security cameras though. Right now we just have one that points to the door.

I would like to upgrade it so it can see the entire first floor, like a 360-degree camera or a 270.


11/16/2020 5:50 PM  
It's a shame you have to spell out the obvious to people. Stuff like: when you don't tie up your trash bags securely, the stuff will spill out and go everywhere, creating stink and pest infestation. I know how you feel because we have a huge problem with our dumpsters.

The problem isn't so much a policy but enforcement. Unless you can catch people in the act and find them, this will continue. That said, check your documents to see what they say about fining. If nothing's there, talk to your association attorney about starting one. Hopefully, your documents will allow the board to set rules in addition to the CCRs as long as they don't try to supersede the documents or local and state law

You might also want to talk to whoever picks up the trash. Perhaps they've notices the stink and papers flying everywhere and may have some suggestions. If your association has seen an increase in cleaning costs because of this, tell the homeowners. Warn them that If this continuez, their assessments will I created to cover the costs. That goes for security camera - if you need a few more to monitor the areas, charge the homeowners accordingly. That's what my community did when we had a security camera installed. In fact, I expect a few more in a year or two because the problem hasn't slowed much.

You can also post signs - sometimes they can deter some of the foolishness, especially if you can say the fine will be up to X.

Other radical ideas - establish some sort of grasshoppers program where you can off a reward to people who provide information that leads to the culprits getting caught. This will have to involve time and date stamped cameras that can't be seen so you can get the information in confidence.

As far as recycling goes, can you designate an area with the proper containers for that? And post signs everywhere.


11/17/2020 7:36 AM  
This is a tough situation. Unfortunately the best you can do is create some simple rules/guidelines, and publish them routinely in as many ways as possible (email, mailer, at the dumpster location, etc.) to ensure people are aware and reminded of the situation.

Keep rules/guidelines short and sweet so they are easily read and understood. Writing a paragraph to tell people to tie up a trash bag isn't necessary and won't get the point across.

Regardless of what rules/guidelines you make, many people will try to follow and others just won't care. If you can actually figure out who isn't following, you can try to work with them individually (fines perhaps) to force compliance. As others mentioned, letting everyone know of added costs and other undesirable situations that occur when people don't follow the rules/guidelines could help with compliance.

In regard to security, I would do the same and locate at the call box or wherever appropriate. As far as "calling 911 when you see someone you don't recognize" . . . this may be a bit much and worth reconsidering as posted guidance. 911 should be used for emergencies. A non-emergency number could be provided for potential appropriate use, and of course 911 for emergencies.


11/17/2020 2:19 PM  
We live in boston. Close to the subway. This causes a lot of strangers and homeless to to roam the streets.we have several incidents of package thief's. Including one where the thief pulled a knife. We also had people sleeping and urinating in the hallways. There was one incident where a trespasser exposed himself to a tenant at her front door. So we insist on calling 911.

I was hoping for some kind of template another condo may have on hand that I can edit in regards to the trash issue. If not I guess I can start my own.
(South Carolina)


11/17/2020 3:01 PM  

How does one get in a door? Passcode, buzzed it, etc? Maybe the answer is a system that better controls door access such as a passcode, key card, etc.

As an old city boy, I know buzzing one in is not that secure. Press enough buzzers and someone will buzz you in. Aslo would it be possible to make one or two of the 3 doors as exit only?
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