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Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Subject: How to do parking enforcement?
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11/16/2020 7:28 AM  
We're using Parking Boss. Our current enforcement vendor isn't cutting it. Any suggestions for vendors in the greater Phoenix area? We need our entire community patrolled once a day (so far we've needed 3 patrols to cover all of it) and on-call enforcement for when people obstruct driveways or fire hydrants.

I've already checked out some other companies, but they all have their own enforcement systems that won't work for our neighborhood. Parking Boss works fine, we just need someone to use it.


11/16/2020 1:33 PM  
Please be mindful of Posting Rule Number 3:

"... we do not allow the mentioning of any community name, company name or product."

This isn't the place to solicit company names that would meet your requirements.
(South Carolina)


11/16/2020 2:25 PM  

As I understand it the product mentioned is a "checking/validation" system. It is not an enforcer. The enforcement is up to your association.

You all seem to be spending quite a bit on money for parking enforcement. Personally, I am not sure it is warranted.


11/16/2020 10:13 PM  
GenoS, ah, sorry, nevermind then!


11/17/2020 6:48 AM  
You also need to keep in mind state and local ordnances, and if your streets are public or private property. I have gone 10,000 rounds with my HOA over the years because of the renter neighbor that would block my driveway and not theirs. Our local ordnances say only cars parked in a red zone are eligible for immediate parking. check with you local ordnances for guidances. I know from working in the business that many guard gated communities here have speed sensors throughout their communities and will send an automatic fine to the homeowner. Those automatic tickets work with both registered vehicles and guest that check-in at the gate.
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