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Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Subject: Top Floor Access for Repairs
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11/05/2020 9:13 AM  
This was brought up at one of our recent meetings. Does your HOA allow access to owners or owners repair men for top floor / roof access? Our HVACS are on our roof and there was concerns recently as an owner was seen on our roof without cause. From that the issues of access, approval and contractors access emerged. Does you HOA have a process for access to the roof or top floor for individual repairs such as HVACS


11/05/2020 9:38 AM  
What I have seen where an Owner has the maintenance responsibility for an item on the common area is a rule prohibiting anyone other than licensed contractors to do the work. If the owner wants to inspect the situation, consider permitting this only for brief periods and accompanied by the licensed contractor or maybe the HOA manager.


11/05/2020 9:42 AM  
Our clients have a roof access policy in place which states the management company must be given a minimum of 24 hours notice of access to the roof, emergencies excepted. Notice may be provided by telephone, text, or email. Emergency notice must be provided by telephone or text as soon as the need for access is determined.

If we are engaged to manage an association which has no roof access policy in place, establishing a policy is a priority on the agenda of things to be done.

The roof access policy for one client with a TPO membrane roof and architectural/building features which may be damaged by roof access activities goes into far greater detail to ensure damage is not caused to the architectural features or the TPO membrane. The policy requires a before and after inspection by an association retained contractor, the cost of which is charged to the owner. Repairs to the building or roof are charged to the owner, actually they are deducted from a deposit which is collected prior to any roof access.


11/08/2020 4:14 PM  
We recently tightened our roof access policy, due to safety concerns (70 foot drop off at the edge of a sloped roof) and updated guidance from our insurance carrier. In summary:

-No resident is allowed on the roof, period.
-No HOA board member is allowed on the roof, period
-Roof door remains locked at all times
-Every contractor that accesses the roof must be licensed, bonded, and carry a minimum of $1m liability insurance for all workers on the roof.
-Copy of these documents must be sent to the HOA office prior to the visit, with the association named insured on the insurance certificate
-HOA prefers homeowners to use contractors that are known to us already, as we will have their info on file already. If not, homeowners are responsible for getting us this info before scheduled work.
-Roof service must be scheduled when a member of maintenance or management staff is on-site (3x/week in our case), as they will let the vendor in. 1-week notice preferred.
-Contractors that need routine access can be given keys to the roof
-Contractors must also ensure residents don't access the roof while they are working

Luckily, we don't have any HVAC on our roofs. However, in CA with the new solar policy and with vent fans on the roof, we know we're going to get more roof access requests soon.

Hope this helps.


11/11/2020 7:03 AM  
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11/11/2020 8:28 AM  
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